Spy Gadgets That Really Work

Spy gadgets have always been a matter of fascination for everyone. Since childhood, we have always been curious about the widgets carried by the protagonists, be it in the movies or the TV Series. Remember the series ‘WHITE COLLAR’ and the leading character of this seriesNeal Caffrey? He used so many spy gadgets as a forger and as the FBI consultant, both, which became part of his eccentricity. Personally, even I have a great inclinationtowards these captivating devices and this is what has made me write this article.

Before we move on, I would like to give a disclaimer. Prior tostarting using any of the spy gadgets mentioned here or you might come across anywhere else, it is recommended that you should first go through the laws of your state and consult the concerned authority. Using them might be illegitimate or unethical and hence, it is better that you do your research before reaping their benefits. Also, by no means, I intend to promote any of the products mentioned below.

So, let us explore:

1. Pen Spy Cam Spy Pen looks like an ordinary pen, but certainly it isn’t as a hidden camera is concealed inside this so-called pen. Easy to use, this pen is highly portable and can best be used to generate video for offices, schools and home. It can act as a USB as well, wherein you can connect it directly to a device through cable and transfer your files. At times, you also expect a memory card that comes bundled along with this pen.
The pen spy cam starts recording with just a simple click. Once you have focused on the subject that you want to record, you can click the pen and it is set to work. For better quality, you can also think of buying an HD Hidden Spy Camera Pen, which offers the resolution of 1280×720 pixels.

2. Spy Camera Tie This special tie is mostly worn by the spies when they are going for undercover operations. The spy cameras used in this accessory are wireless and are concealed somewhere within a secret pinhole. With inbuilt 4GB storage, the said camera can run for almost three hours at a stretch. The date and time impression displayed on the recordings are helpful in sorting the details and making our search easier. This hidden spy camera tie also extends the feature of audio recording.

3. Portable Cell Jammers When you don’t want to get overheard while having an important conversation or discussion, here is when cell jammers would come to rescue you. They are capable of blocking all the phones within their 20 meters radius (though the radius may vary from device to device). These widgets come in very small sizes and hence, are quite handy and portable.

4. Detective Car Key Fobs With these gadgets; it is not easy to predict that someone is carrying an extra instrument for recording or clicking images as they look like any regular car key fob. The difference between the usual one and this one is that these spy car key fobs come with a small, portable & discreet camera. The cameras incorporated in such devices are durable and have high-definition resolution to record videos of good quality, irrespective of the lighting conditions (bright or low light background). Thus, they cannot only be used during the daytime, but at nights as well. Travel friendly and light in weight, you may attach these amazing gears with your keychain as well, so that they are available for you whenever required.

5. Clothes Hook Spy Camera The capability to record videos with a resolution of 1230×960 for upto 120 minutes makes this covert camera one of the best options in its domain.Imitated precisely like a cloth hook, these widgets contain a hidden camera, thus, making it almost impossible for anyone to make out that they are being recorded or somebody is keeping an eye on them. The battery of the camera has a standby interval of approximately 6 hours and has a feature of auto file saving as well and hence,the risk of losing the data is pretty low. This really turns out to be a boon when you are not available to save recordings by yourself. Moreover, the battery is rechargeable. Other advantages include the durability of hooks &cameras and support for up to 16 GB memory card.

6. Document Scanning Pen

Another spy gadget that comes very handy is the document scanner. Without even opening the pen, you can scan every line of the document and that too, quickly and stealthily. A document scanning pen can be expected to have 8 MB space and usually takes almost 8 seconds to scan a full-page text. Besides this, it is capable of performing Bluetooth transfer as well.

7. Counter-surveillance

Being a spy, if you are smart and can plant bugs inside the houses of your targets, then, just remember that they are also canny enough to do the same with you. Basically, this is known as ‘Counter surveillance’ and it involves the actions undertaken to restrain monitoring.

So, it is suggested that a spy must regularly brush up his home for concealed bugs or other security gismos. Also, they may use a certain set of devices like, Audio Jammer, Sweeper, Extreme Bug Detection Kit, and alike at their place for making their home bug free. Let us see how these help:

• ‘Audio Jammer’ aids in keeping your conversations confidential by nulling the other bugs present.
• The ‘Sweeper’ is another tool that is very responsive in detecting other hidden widgets present in the room, for instance a microphone or a covert camera.
• ‘Extreme Bug Detection Kit ’assists in sweeping every single possible bug present in the room. If you are a spy, just don’t overlook this one as it can scan the frequencies at all ranges and lets you know that you are being watched.

There are people who might think that the security cameras or surveillance systems can also be termed as “Spy gadgets”. However, I don’t agree much on this! The equipment which has built-in camera and is used to capture video footage without warning the target person that they are being recorded, falls under the umbrella of “Spy” ones. On the other hand, the aim of a surveillance system is to monitor and safeguard against any untoward activity and its presence is not concealed from any one.

Hope, this article was able to satisfy your curiosity about some spy gadgets to a good extent.

Author Bio: Acknowledged for his security acumen, Ted Yu is a gadget wizard, an active blogger, and an eminent speaker. Having 10 years of experience to his credit, Ted has always been a pertinent contributor towards the security industry with his area of expertise into the surveillance systems domain. He is closely associated with Revo America, a well renowned security products manufacturer and retailer.

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