Tcp/ip Networking

Tcp-ip Protocols

What is TCP/IP?

TCP/IP (Transmission control protocol/internet protocol) is said to as one of the very simple and basic exchange language and Protocol of internet. It is widely use in different network field like (an intranet and an extranet). However its main work is to deliver data across IP Networks.

In fact TCP/IP has become one stander terminology to refer the protocols use in internet Network. As this has managed two-layer Program, the higher layer and the lower layer. The higher layer known as Transmission control Protocol manage and divide the message into smaller packets and transmitted to Internet.

The lower layer internet protocols handle the address part of many packets and can transmit to right destination. Each address or each gateway computers on the entire network see where to forward those messages.

In the internet protocol suite, TCP verified and supports various internets nearly all popular applications protocol like WWW (World Wide Web), FTP (File Transfer Protocol), E-mail as well as secure shell.

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