future-technology-2020Rapidly developing world is facing positive changes in the field of technology and economy. Influence of technology over world of business is clearly visible now. Technological digital tools are pervasive throughout this world, from business processing and analysis to services and transactions; everything is carried over by improving technology. So it’s not wrong to say that today’s companies not only confide on information technology, they cannot compete without it.

IT has integrated itself into products as well as in services. By seeing today’s advancement and improvement in technology one can easily predict that, in the coming decade, Information Technology is going to touch its hype.

So, there could be numerous technological trends which can be watched while growing, but i have visualized 4 favorite technologies which could be a major trend in coming decade.

TREND 1- Cloud Computing:” World of data”

Transformation and advancement in computing architecture leads the researchers to the whole new world called “Clouds”. Cloud computing gives the users “freedom of space”. Ease of extracting and uploading of data in the cloud made it the hot favorite in the field of technology.

Cloud computing experts reported that global cloud computing market will get a hype of approximately 590%, growing from USD 40 billion to 240 billion by 2020.

Factors which will possibly drive this growth could be-

  • Processing costs is falling rapidly.
  • Again, cost of computing is also declining annually; estimated decline is about 33% annually.
  • Cost for storage of data is also falling rapidly. Estimated decline is about 37% annually.
  • Bandwidth are getting cheaper day-by-day. The average decline in their cost is about 28% annually.
  • Cheaper and better Smartphone’s are launched in the market.

TREND 2- Web:” Where cloud is the foundation.”

We can call Web 3.0- “Internet of the future”.  It will be the most advanced type of network world will ever have. But researchers did not develop Web 3.0 directly. We get Web 3.0, by developing and advancing Web1.0 and Web 2.0. So we must have a prior look on both of the ancestors of Web 3.0

Web 1.0: It is the oldest version of Web. 1990 to 2000 was its time. Firms were allowed to put broachers on websites by Web 1.0, and moreover that , geographical restrictions were also removed. So it united whole world for the first time by the internet.

Web 2.0: Its time was from 2000-2010. It was its time in which number of users on internet increased exponentially. Web 2.0 was basically based on communities and series. Social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut, LinkedIn, Twitter etc flourished in this web only. It also encouraged huge information exchange by blogs and wikis. People from any corner of the world can view and comment. Isn’t it amazing? Web 2.0made it possible.

Web 3.0: It is the most advanced and most developed web among all. It will connect the world at different level. Everything which we can imagine will be connected, no matter where it is, and connection will sustain over the cloud. So, basically, it’s a revolution in the field of connectivity. Imagine a world where everything is connected, from computers to washing machines, to clothes. Everything will have its own IP address. Sounds impossible, but the coming decade will bring this on.

Trend-3  Smartphone’s:” Emerging soul mate”

Now-a-days, smart phones are smart enough to make your life easier up to about 10 folds. Android and windows Smartphone’s have flooded and the global market of mobile, which results in explosion of traffic in mobile network globally. It is estimated that by the end of this year, about 38% of the total traffic on the internet will be of mobile internet traffic. It means that 4 out of 10 devices connected on the internet will be a mobile that is huge.

Data shows how rapidly mobile subscription making its space in the market. Growth of mobile subscription in major countries during last year is real surprise. It’s about 31% in China, 28% in USA and about 52% in India. That explains the emergence of small mobile brands like Micromax and Lava in India.

Research shows that in the coming years, Android will be the highest selling number one Smartphone, followed by Microsoft and Apple iphone.

Researchers also estimated by seeing the sale of tablets, that 1 among 7 people will hold a tablet in their hand by the end of 2018.

Trend-4 Internet connected gadgets/wearable’s

When mobile world revolutionize, then it gives birth to android and when android is revolutionized, then it gives birth to various internet enabled gadgets. This began with google glasses and few similar hi-tech devices.


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