Technology Trends in 2020

If we go back some 50-70 years ago and make a movie about how technology would evolve in 2020, it would be somehow made of robots dominating our world, flying cars and shoes powered by magnetic levitation to take you around in a flash.

These days, we may not see flying cars or shoes around us and robots (through the use of Artificial Intelligence) are just starting to be widely acknowledged but we have seen how technology changed our lives over the years. Smartphones, social networks, voice command speakers, instant communications, and cloud storage are some of the technical aspects that have dominated our daily lives.

These 2020, as a new era started, technology is still rapidly changing. Let us check what are some game-changing technology trends we can expect this year.

Technology Trends We Can Expect this 2020

  1. 5G Data Networks

The internet will get real this year. As technology continues to evolve, more and more things are getting connected. Cars, apps, gadgets, and even house features are connected and rely on the internet. This will be made more possible by the 5th generation of mobile internet connectivity. It is expected that super-fast download and upload speed will become more available this year.

This great speed that originally became available in 2019, will not only interconnect people but will also link and control machines and devices. Because of its super-fast speed, 5G will be able to deliver massive capacity, ultra-low latency, and enhanced user experience. 5G will make virtual reality run smoothly than ever and will let devices connect to each faster.

Though this may seem the dream data however because of its ability to reduce latency and provide much higher speed, its signal will have a shorter range.

  1. Extended Reality

The technology of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) has been around for years now especially in the world of entertainment, however, more and more businesses have been leveraging on this development. You can see these being implemented in some advertising campaigns of big-named companies like Ikea, L’oreal, Samsung, Virgin Holidays, Coca Cola and many more.

Last year is the year that we can say that the presence of these breakthrough technologies have been totally felt and has seen its growth. These 2020, we will see more of  Extended Reality (XR), a term coined for all of these immersive technologies. Businesses and different industries who will adopt these technologies will increase and will start to grip the exciting opportunities XR can provide. Because of its premises and how can it be beneficial to industries and customers alike, we can anticipate the demand for extended reality in the near future.

  1. Autonomous Driving

The flying cars may have not made it in 2020 and maybe not anytime soon but self-driving cars may see some light this year.

It was first announced by Elon Musk of Tesla that they would produce self-driving cars in 2018 however it did not come true and rather moved to a later year which is now 2020. This has gained enough excitement from the public. Though Tesla has been a leader for the creation of innovative cars like their electric release, it is actually Google’s sister company Waymo who made the first trial of autonomous taxis in California.

Though a lot are still raising their eyebrows and are still in doubt of when we will really see these automated cars roaming the streets, we are expecting some breakthrough this year.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

If you watch movies dated several decades ago about the “future”, one of the most used elements are robots and robotic features. Mostly, machines that can emulate human characteristics and have a human-like appearance. Though it seems that we still have to wait several years for us to be able to see this kind of technology, we have been slowly integrated with Artificial Intelligence now.

You may have not noticed it but you have been dealing with AI more than you know about it. Chatbots, digital assistants like Siri, Alexa and Cortana, a ride-hailing application like Uber, and even emails. This year, AI will see wider adoption as more companies are starting to utilize this technological advancement to offer better service and tailor-fitted applications to its consumers.

AI will continue to be leveraged in software-as-a-service applications that can allow consumers to feed data and pay for resources as it is being utilized.

  1. Internet of Things and Big Data

A giant system of connected devices to the Internet that allows data sharing but only within the network, the Internet of Things has been making a huge impact and garnering attention these days. Also powered by AI and by another technology called, Big Data, IoT will become more recognized this year.

It is expected that this year, revenues that will be generated through IoT will also increase as IoT app development continues to sail and reach new heights day by day. IoT will enable more organizations to have access to real-time visibility into information found into data-related assets like Big Data. IoT is expected also to reach a maturation level this decade as it will continue to interconnect networks and distribute data within the network that will not only create an innovative aspect of data management but will also make this network become more productive.

  1. Blockchain Technology

You may have heard about Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency for a while now but haven’t really seen it emerge on the mainstream. Because of several issues in terms of its technical aspect and management, it has slowly made its way commercially. It has a lot of potentials to provide transparency and enable valuable exchange between businesses that may lower down cost, improve cash flow and movements of materials.

Blockchain is a digital ledger that has the ability to record and secure transactions because of its decentralized and encrypted nature. Despite its potential, a lot of non-tech-savvy companies don’t have any idea or do not entertain blockchain technology.

However, as the year started, this concept of technology has been seeing the light of days as big players in different industries like  IBM, Waltermart, and Mastercard continue to invest. We can expect that as the year roll, more small players will be open blockchain technology.

Final Thoughts

2020 marks the start of another decade. As the decade unfolds, we can expect a lot of technology innovations to roll our way. These changes can present great opportunities but can also pose challenges as well. You always remember however that embracing these trends and adapting to the technological advancement that continues to emerge as the days go by will make your company or organization not left behind in the competitive pit.

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