The 10 Must Have Android Apps 2016

The Google Play Store has more than 2 million apps. We know the mobiles have become app centric-but not all these apps available on the Play Store are worth the download. As per VeztekUSA, there still many apps that have not been downloaded once by users. Despite this stiff crowd of mobile apps, there is still a rat race of developers for mobile app development.

As per an estimate, mobile apps will soon take over the desktop. The app market will become even more stagnant-but you need the best Android apps to run on your device. Here we have listed the best Android apps of 2016, so you can have the most out of your android device and make your life easier with 2016’s best picks.

The list of Best Android Apps of 2016 include paid to free apps, and from social to fitness, and travel etc. The list however does not include game apps-because we will bring the best game apps of 2016 for you soon:

#1- ES File Explorer:

ES File Explorer Manager PRO – Android Apps on Google PlayThe ES File Explorer has been evolving ever since its existence. The app is free and has been free but now comes available in a pro version with some additional features. The features it has includes: root explorer, file browsing, multimedia playback support, FTP support, zipping and unzipping option, WebDAV support, cloud storage support, and SMB support along with others. This app is very powerful and is a great choice for everyone. You can buy the pro version of ES for $2.99.

Antivirus Security – Android Apps on Google Play#2- Avast Antivirus & Security:

It is a very powerful antivirus application that has also won the 2015 best free antivirus app award. For a very comprehensive cover, Avast Antivirus & Security provides numerous features as remote data recovery, Geo-fencing and others. Whether you want basic or comprehensive features, this antivirus is best for you.

#3- Evernote:

EvernoteThe best note taking application with great features such as: ability to insert video/audio/images, to create lists, and everything is then stored on cloud and is accessible from any web browser. You even have the host of organizational option of putting all your preferences and work in line. Evernote also has collaboration feature and is available as Evernote Premium, which is subscription offering additional features as enhanced privacy options, PDF annotation, and offline access as well.

#4- Greenify:

GreenifyIf you’re getting the most out of your phone battery that means your phone is in good condition. There are plenty of phone that offer their very own power saving options to keep the phone going for a long life. If in case your phone is not at its best, try adding Greenify. This app sits in the background and helps regulating the battery usage by various applications. The app has the capability of freezing an app when it’s not being used and also can defrost the app instantly, when required.

#5- ExpressVPN:

ExpressVPN browserIf you plan to keep your Android device protected while using the sketchy public wifi; you will need a very strong VPN. ExpressVPN is the most secure and trusted VPN. The speed of this app is extremely good and is very safe as well. It drives the speed and unlimited bandwidth from the SSL-secured network that has 256-bit encryption. There are servers for ExpressVPN in 78 different countries and in 100 different locations around the world which means best experience at any place in the world. The app is available for $8.32/month.

#6- Tasker:

TaskerTo fiddle with Android for getting the most out of it, you can try Tasker. There is plenty that Tasker will offer for doing things automatically. You might find yourself spending time on the app to understand it-but eventually when you get your head around Tasker you will find enormous scope. Tasker takes commands, you can train it as per your preference, for instance you can enable the option to open Spotify automatically as soon as you attach the headphones, and you can even train it to send text messages with your address in response. You have to feed the instructions for Tasker to automate them.

#7- Google Now and Google Now Launcher:

Google Now LauncherA personal assistant that is great and powerful at the same time-nothing beats Google Now. It started few years ago but has evolved into always-on personal assistant. It has the capability of telling you about the weather updates, giving you access to quick information through voice searching, provides news articles, and can also manage things as per your interest. Google is always on the go for updating Google Now so that it can speed up more and provide even better results. Google Launcher comes right next to Google Now that makes Google Now even speedier.

#8- Groupon:

Groupon Shop DealsGroupon is very famous and fulfills its task of being the best coupon app. It helps you find the best coupons and deals for restaurants, events, businesses, and other things in the area close by. Every coupon you have can be used immediately or can also be stored for future use. The design of the apps is very nice and so is its interface-easy to use. You can use such kind of app for various purposes and on different occasions such as, on holidays, vacations, and even for shopping. The only difficulty in its usage is its availability; you will have to check where it will be available.

#9- Google Play Music, YouTube:

Google Play MusicYou will see plenty of apps available that enable you to either play the local content available or let you stream the content. Google Play Music is an app that enables you to combine both these concepts-you can upload 50,000 of your own songs on Google cloud. You get this functionality absolutely free, but if you pay $9.99/month you will also get above average streaming service for 30 million songs, internet radio options, and playlist support as well. As soon as the Red You Tube button gets added to the top, you start getting an amazing experience with no ads from YouTube.

#10- LastPass:

LastPass Password Manager It is a password manager app that seems to go a step ahead of the others. LastPass has gone through an update and made the mobile syncing desktop entirely free. As mobile usage has become a routine and 80% of average Americans are seen using mobiles, therefore we are logging everything into mobiles. Having LastPass is great in such a case-it keeps the passwords save and also inputs them into the regularly used apps and sites.


Summing up all the best Android Apps of 2016 is not possible. Since new apps or updated apps will continue to come-therefore we will continue putting out our list of best apps for you. The preference and usage of an app varies individual to individual, but we will try summing up your preferences to pull out the best lists for you. Stay connected for the next list!


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