The genius top 10 hackers of the world

Hacking is an art, which needs great knowledge of computer programming plus an intelligent mind to do that. There have been many great hackers in the world and they have done many wonderful and bold things in their life, which have made them famous. The genius hacker top 10 contains the top ten hackers of all time, which have done amazing things by their hacking abilities. They have hacked world’s most secured systems and they have got access to those files, which were their aim since the start. Now don’t waste your time and check the list of top ten genius hackers of all time.

  1. Albert Gonzalez:Albert Gonzalez

Do you use credit card and think it is the safest way of buying things? If yes, then you don’t know anything about Albert Gonzalez. He is the man, who has stolen through the credit cards of netizens and it is the biggest online theft done by an individual. That’s why he has got this position in genius hacker top 10.

  1. Astra:(Name disclosed by Media)

All of us want to know that which kind of new weapons are coming in future. Well, Astra was curious enough to know it and he hasn’t waited to know and hacked a Greek Mathematician into France’s Dassault group. He has stolen the information regarding weapons and sold those details to many other countries. Still there is no real identity found behind Astra.

  1. Anonymous:Anonymous hacker groups

A group of hackers call their self anonymous, who have hacked financial details of many governments, brands and religious groups. Used those financial details to steal money and they have gave those money to poor people. It seems quite similar to the acts of Robin Hood, but Anonymous is today’s digital Robin hood. This spot in Genius hacker top 10 will always remain safe for Anonymous.

  1. Kevin Mitnick:Kevin Mitnick top 10 hacker

Today he is a security consultant of industries, but during the age of mid 40s he had done many amazing works related to computer hacking. Kevin had hacked the Nokia, Motorola and Pentagon. He was found guilty of his acts and he has been locked in person for his guilt. Today he is an entrepreneur and serving many agencies for their security.

  1. Kevin Poulsen:Top 10 hacker of all time

He is a former black hat hacker, who had hacked a live radio contest to win Porsche. Kevin has tried to win the car by trying his skills of hacking. Usually people make calls in a radio contest to win such prices, but Kevin poulsen has done it through his abilities of hacking. 

  1. Jonathan James:Jonathan James top 10 hacker

He has got the fifth spot in genius hacker top 10 because of his ability of hacking Defense Threat Reduction Agency of US department at the age of 16. Today he is no more, but his name is still famous among the top ten hackers of the world.

  1. Mathew Bevan and Richard Pryce:Mathew Bevan and Richard Pryce

These both have hacked the US military system and they had utilized these systems to penetrate foreign systems.

  1. Adrian Lamo:Adrian Lamo top 10 hacker

He has hacked Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, The New York Times and this continuation ended on his arrest. Today he is a US threat analysis.

  1. LulzSec (Group but one Small Man was Re veiled ):LulzSec group of hacker

It is a group of hackers, which has hacked CIA, FBI, News International and Sony just to prove that their security systems are not safe against hackers. Yet there is no details regarding the masterminds of this group, but they are active.

  1. Gary McKinnon:Gary McKinnon top 10 must powerful hacker

This man has hacked NASA just to remove his curiosity of knowing about aliens. He had installed viruses in 97 military and NASA’s computers and checked various files to know the truth.



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