The Growing Role of Cyber-Security in 2018

Take a moment to look around, and you’ll immediately notice how technology surrounds you at every turn. Tech is so pervasive; the only way to escape it is to physically remove yourself to a desert, mountain or some other remote location. With technology looming around every corner, security for this technology needs to be a top priority.

The security force that patrols and helps keep cyberspace clean is known as cyber-security. Encompassing everything from password protection to two-factor authentication, cyber-security grows in importance every year. With events such as massive hacks and data breaches occurring all too regularly, the need for cyber-security is at an all-time high.

As such, the cyber-security industry represents a major opportunity. Corporations hire people to search and destroy viruses, hackers and everything in between. With the role of technology quickly taking center stage in nearly everyone’s lives, it’s important to realize where technology is going.

2018 is going to be a massive year for cyber-security. From mass hiring to automated programs, the trends heading into 2018 are worth keeping an eye on.

Mass Hirings

The growth of the technology sector — and the threats and opportunities it creates — has led to a tremendous need to hire qualified individuals for jobs involving cyber-security. Specifically, there are 350,000 job openings for cyber-security professionals in the U.S. alone. However, the positions just aren’t getting filled.

If you think you want to work in this industry, do some research online. Take some courses at your local college and ask IT professionals about their opinion on cyber-security.It’s a massive market that needs filling!


Along with the job growth for human workers, the automation sector of cyber-security will also be growing. If you haven’t noticed, one of the significant trends in technology within the last few years deals with automation. Fromartificial technology that finds the perfect song for you, to automated assembly lines that learn as they go, automation is a huge part of technology in the current age.

Automation continues to grow well into 2018 in the world of cyber-security. Expect to see automated systems that detect and eliminate viruses and protect your bank accounts.

Women in the Workforce

Currently, only 11 percent of cyber-security professionals are women. Companies want that number to changes 2017 turns into 2018. Businesses of all sizes will be actively looking to hire women and to bring females onto their teams.

Women are underrepresented in the information technology field,making up only 30% of IT employees, and cyber-security is taking a step forward by emphasizing hiring women and bringing them into the fold.

Malware Becomes More Dangerous

The ever-evolving concept of malware is growing from a nuisance to flat-out dangerous. Malware invades your systems and wreaks havoc. However, it’s becoming more sophisticated. Not only does malware cause viruses — they are getting harder and harder to get rid of.

This trend, unfortunately, continues into 2018 as malware becomes more dangerous.

Technology on the Cusp

Most of the trends going into 2018 are exciting. They involve employing more people and taking the war of cyber-security to the hackers. However, you still need to be wary. Problems such as malware will only get harder to detect and successfully remove from computer systems.

Byline: Nathan Sykes is a writer and tech enthusiast from Pittsburgh, PA. Check out his site, Finding an Outlet for more posts.


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