The new age of cloud computing and its benefits

The new age of cloud computing

With time so many new inventions are made and that is all being possible with the advent of science and technology. The new gadgets and accessories are coming up with new features that allow you to store every detail in safe place without the need of carrying documents like earlier days. Thanks to this Cloud Computing which helps you to share software, resources and other information’s from one system to the other just like an electricity grid within a particular network. The network here basically denotes the internet, however with time new ideas and concepts are coming up with cloud and it has been categorized as private, public and hybrid.

Features and benefits of cloud computing

There are five special features or the so called benefits that are presently being offered. However with constant researches and new modifications more uses of cloud computing is believed to be available in coming few years. Here are the features explained in details:

  • The Cloud Computing rapidly elastic. This means it has the capability to scale the resources in all possible ways based on the need of consumer, cloud infinite and one can opt to buy it as per their requirement.
  • The cloud computing provides measured services. The features and the aspects are monitored by service providers. All such helps in billing, access control and resource optimizations as well as proper capacity planning.
  • Cloud Computing offer on demand self-services that enable the user to use the services as or when they are in need of, without interacting with the service provider.
  • The services can be accessed from any place or network. The services are within the network and through that means the user can use it with standard mechanisms anywhere.
  • The resource pooling facility of cloud computing helps the provider to provide all its services through multiple tenant model. All resources such as the virtual and physical resources are assigned as per the demand of every consumer.

With time so many other features are also being enhanced, making Cloud Computing far more advanced and with web services within the sky, manage service providers and with internet integration. We are already using the concept of cloud computing but very few are aware of it. YouTube, Google Docs and other online file storages are simple example of cloud computing which are being used by many worldwide for different purposes.


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