The new age with IOS8 and its features

The IOS8 comes with all new features and huge opportunities for users as they can get a whole new benefit from the platform. The iOS 8 is just bigger and huge ever – particularly for developers as well as users. The main aim was to devise something natural and an experiencing one. The platform is pleasantly and with time becomes utterly indispensable.

New features with iOS 8

The IOS8 comes with lots of enhanced and improved features. You can quickly search and edit pictures, add new voice text messages, there are new health as well as fitness applications that communicates with you, trainer and also with your doctor. There are more tools and deep access for developers. There are new keyboard option and innovative ideas to share content. There are more features which come with this new release of the year.

Master you photo collection

The new iOS makes it simpler and easy for you to keep a collection of your favorite pictures and accordingly search it or even organize those whenever you are in need. There are new editing tools and applications to make your picture more attractive and immediate.

New messaging system

There are all new messaging techniques available which helps you to connect and communicate with your family and friend like never before. You can add your voice messages within the conversation and even share videos whenever you want. You can share your location quite easily within text messages anytime.

Comes with smart keyboard

The iOS 8 come with new and improved keyboard that helps you to complete the sentence and also recognize the typing to make it easy for you, no doubt whatever and whenever you are typing for a message or a mail.

Easy sharing

The new IOS8 comes with easy sharing facility that is completely natural. There are new ways through which six members within the family can share their purchases such as application or iTunes from the store. You can also keep up with each other’s calendrer, locations, pictures and many more.

iCloud Drive

You can store any of your files and all drives in one place; can further access it whenever you wish to. That means you can work with any file anywhere. You can use presentations, PDFs and anything else directly from the cloud, no matter what device you are using; either it is Mac or PC at ease.


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