The Pros & Cons of Social Media for Teens

Every person may be a member of one or more social media platforms. Whether or not it’s Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, SnapChat or the other platform, social media tends to make an integral a part of our lives. Social media has its benefits and downsides within the method it affects the lives of teenagers. 

 Why Kids use social media platform

With more kids having smart phones and internet access, they now like to socialize using social media platforms. The kids use one or more of these platforms almost daily for different purposes. These apps and websites give them access to the world. Below are some common social media platforms:

  • Facebook – One of the most popular website/ app that lets users share pictures, posts and events
  • WhatsApp – A popular app that is meant for messaging and sharing pictures, videos etc.
  • Instagram – A website/ app used to share images which are popular among the celebrities and influencers.
  • SnapChat – An app that lets the users share videos and pictures among the followers and friends

Apart from these, there are many other websites and applications that are used by kids and teenagers these days. You can monitor the social media activities of your kids with help of parental control software.

Reasons for children using social media:

  • It gives the kids a platform to hang out with their Friends: The major reason for kids to use social media is to connect with their friends and peers. These platforms and both easy and convenient for kids.
  • It is Educational and helps kids stay up to date: Social media gives access to information from around the world easily and the information can be shared with others.
  • They can sustain their hobbies & Interests: There are many social media apps and websites that cater to the multiple interests and hobbies of kids and using these, kids can connect with like -minded people too.
  • Talking- The most basic yet widespread use of social media apps is to chat and talk with the near and dear ones or with new people too.

Pros of using Social media for Kids:                                                       

  • Connectivity (Connect with Same Age, Same Interest): Social media websites and apps are a great medium to stay connected with people from your age group or who pursue the same interests.
  • Psychological: Social media helps to interact and to develop social skills for the kids
  • Social media helps teens keep up to date with the current technology: Social media uses multiple apps and technological tools that are used to create content. Thus the kids stay abreast with technology and use them well.
  • Boosts self esteem: With better interaction, kids get self esteem and confidence to interact socially.
  • Creative: Social media platforms invite creative ideas and reward them so it helps kids in bringing out their creativity
  • It is easier to study and carry out research work: If you are a student then no better place to research then social media as the world is there for their service
  • They become more informed about current affairs: Be it latest news or any piece of education, social media helps kids get access to it easily and in detail too

Cons of Using Social Media for Kids:                                                                       

  • Cyber bullying: Social media is great for interaction but many kids are also subjected to trolling and bullying online by other kids or their peers which can be harmful for them
  • Inappropriate and adult material: There is all type of harmful content floating online including adult content and dangerous web content which the kids get easy access to
  • Decrease in productivity levels (Laziness): Staying on your screen for longer durations means less physical activity for kids which can decrease their concentration and productivity
  • Destroys social skills: If kids socialize only online then their physical interaction with the world decreases which is harmful in the future
  • Decreases Face-to-Face Communication Skills: Kids who spend most time on social media websites are found to not communicate properly with people face to face
  • Leads to disclosing of too much information: Social media apps can be a threat to safety of kids if they disclose too mish information to websites or strangers
  • Addiction: The use of social media has been known to create strong addiction among kids who are then unable to spend time off these website and apps which can prove to be harmful for them in future.

All these risks make the parents a lot more worried about the kids using these social media apps and websites. The parent monitoring application TiSPY comes as a great aid to such parents. The application helps them effectively monitor social media activity of their kids by tracking their smart phones which helps track usage of these apps online. It helps in keeping the children safe in the online/ virtual world. The software helps to track the internet usage on smart phones and keeps track of the content and pictures/ videos the kids read and post, time for which these apps is used on phones etc.

Thus TiSPY keeps the parents relaxed by ensuring the safety of their kids at all times.


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