The ultimate buyer’s guide for best VR Headsets for iPhone

As more virtual reality (VR) headsets appear on the store shelves, the differences between each one of them will start to matter a lot. Especially, if you’re a buyer looking for a good headset compatible with your iPhone, then what should you check out? There are way too many options and you would want to find out which one suits your needs the best.

When you’re trying to sort out through the options there are certain things that you would like to consider. Find out what you’ll be able to do with the different kinds of virtual reality, how much will you be expected to pay, and what are the features?

The three types of VR headsets – What to expect?

Do you want to experience the basics with simplest tools available or opt for the best possible? Are you somewhere in between? Here are the three categories of VR headsets:

Cheap and simplistic design

The simplest form of VR headsets is a classic pair of magnifying lenses set in a cardboard box with a place to hold your smartphone. The concept has existed for years before “Google Cardboard” branded it with the same idea. Most low-end cardboard headsets are guaranteed to work well with iOS VR apps. With limited interactivity, cardboard compatible headsets are suitable for watching a 360-degree video view. Needless to say, cardboard boxes are pretty uncomfortable.

The downside is there can be hidden costs even if these work well for iPhone users. Also, the most portable device falls into this bracket. The simplest VR headsets are not just the most cheapest, but they are also the most widely available.

Mid-range bag of options

These headsets have sophisticated built-in sensors and additional tracking controls. The mobile headsets in this category come with a strap with a lot of attention to detail. These are the easily portable, but provide more comfort and immersive benefit with several input options.

High-end absolute best quality

The higher-end bracket of b VR experiences all run off external game consoles or computer. With features such a motion tracking, best graphics, and high-resolution screens, these do the best at blocking off outside light with lesser chances of motion success.

Though the higher strata of VR headsets cost a lot, the upfront costs can be masked with great controllers and availability.

Discussing iPhone supportive VR headsets

Forget the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and the PSVR – your smartphone is as compatible as your virtual reality support with the right headset. Zoom through your 360-degree videos and battle it out with aliens using your iPhone and iOS apps. Note that these also work well with your Android phone as well.

BoboVR Z4

One of the best mobile headset device that has easy-to-use built-in buttons. With a 120-degrees field view, BohoVR Z4 is more that the Oculus Rift, Gear VR, or the HTC Vive. It means that you get a great widescreen view possible that is high-resolution efficient. The lenses of this gear are adjustable that allows your iPhone to sit easily within the open front cover and fits over glasses.

The button is at the bottom of the device, which can make it hard to be found. However, once you get used to its location it is easy enough to operate.


A bigger headset, the AntVR TAW doesn’t have a head strap, but comes with an excellent 100-degree view. It’s widescreen field is more than the Samsung Gear VR. The distance between the lenses is adjustable with the benefit to position your phone closer or farther to adjust the focus a bit.

Although the headset fits over glasses, it isn’t the most comfortable gear to wear for a long time as it doesn’t come with a padding.

Goggle Tech C-1 Glass

There are lots of options when it comes to open sided headsets. The Goggle Tech C-1 Glass comes in various colors and with a nice carrying case. Use virtual reality app to control its functioning by simply touching the screen. This means with full-access to the screen you can easily switch apps without the need to remove your Apple phone from the headset.

Mattel View-Master VR

A great headset that is simple and easy to use by kids too! However, the glasses are not adjustable and doesn’t come with straps either to hold the device to your head. The headset’s design makes it comfortable to hold.

The Mattel View-Master VR runs easily with any of the VR apps in the Apple app store. Activate the virtual reality functioning in your smartphone and pop it into the headset that allows you to view pictures side-by-side. The product works perfectly with iPhone and is even available at their own store.

Leji VR Mini

The device lacks most of the features of headsets listed here, but it’s small and light adjustable lenses and the comfortable head strap giving you a complete 360-degree view as if you’re watching a movie. The video switches to a side-by-side view as you insert your phone into the inexpensive gear.

Buttons are absent, but you won’t need one anyway. Most apps work without a button.

Merge VR

A popular iPhone headset in this category of VR gears that supports your iPhone is the Merge VR. There isn’t just one button, but two. For eyeglass wearers here’s some good news! Try the Merge VR over your glasses. The adjustable gear fits nicely and comfortably. The company has a great Merge Start app that makes it easier to find fun games and applications.

The downside to this gear is that it is made of rubber, which makes it hard to get your iPhone tucked in the space. There is limited ease-of-use, especially with Apple phones in a protective case to get in and out of the device. The gear comes in a purple hue.

Whether you like the Google Cardboard or one of these good headsets, your iPhone surely gets nice and sturdy VR support to make your viewing almost a reality. If you’re not sure, these are some of the headsets you can go for.


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