These Are the Best 7 Gaming Console Accessories

Life is not only about studying, working, making money, and running the household, but having some time for yourself. Gaming offers you to spend some time with yourself and enjoy the best of you. A game can take your mind away from the stress of daily life and refresh you to study or work again.

There are many gaming consoles like Xbox, Sony Playstation, and Nintendo switch, etc. However, you need gaming accessories to play them conveniently and enjoy your favorite games on these consoles. Let us check out some cool gaming accessories to make the best of your games.

Xbox One Wireless controller


Adding an extra wireless controller will add more excitement to your games. The controller will trigger feedback through fingertip vibration to make you feel the crash and jolt in high definition. The wireless controller comes with redesigned thumbsticks and a new Dpad for high precision gaming. The device is compatible with Xbox One and Xbox One S. It has a 3.5 mm headset jack where you can plug in your gaming headset and get a fantastic gaming audio experience. With the X box one wireless controller, you can experience action with impulse triggers. The vibration motor offers accurate fingertip feedback when you use the weapons, to offer you real gaming experience.

Energizer 2X system for Xbox One

Users need to charge the controllers to use them continuously. They can use the energizer 2x charger to charge the gaming controller without the need to replace the batteries over time. The batteries in the energizer 2x charging system are compatible with the Xbox one controller and can charge to controllers simultaneously. The charging system comes with two LED lights- red and green. Red light means the system is charging the battery while the green light indicates the completion of charging.

Xbox One Media Remote

The X Box one media remote enables its users to control the One Guide, stream videos, play BLU ray movies, control the power and volume of your TV. It comes with features like backlight keys that light up to offer you access to One Guide. The OneGuide button provides quick and one-touch access to your favorites in one place. Users can control the playback for Blu ray videos and streaming them on Xbox One. It has a 30 feet range from the console with an infrared transmitter. The remote is compatible with Xbox One, Xbox One X, and Xbox One S.

Thrustmaster T 80 Racing-Wheel Joystick


If you are among the people who are fond of racing games them this device is for you. It comes with a large pedal set with features like auto-centering and linear resistance. The Thrust master T 80 is the first racing wheel joystick for PS4 racing games. It has a central claiming system and two sequential gear shift paddles on the wheel. The device has fully programmable features that make your racing games highly exciting and more enjoyable than ever.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

The twin joy-cons in the Nintendo switch great for the handheld mode and detached motion controllers. However, when you want to use the Nintendo switch at home, you want something more powerful than you can use comfortably for longer gaming sessions. The Nintendo Switch Pro controller is a device that offers analog sticks and durable key buttons. With 40-hour battery life, it is sure to rival the Xbox One pads and Play station 4. It is a cost-effective option to make playing on your Nintendo Switch more convenient.

Vertical stand for PS 4 console


It is difficult to set up a console with a standard set-top box and any other gaming equipment. Moreover, if you are low on space, you need a vertical stand for your PlayStation 4. A black vertical stand with compact design can make you use your PS4 console easily, even in case of space constraints. Some stands have built-in fans that expel out the heat from PS4 console and improve the operational life. Moreover, the stand comes with features like USB ports for easy data transfer and charging.

PS4 Dual Shock Controller

If you have friends and siblings around and you want to play a multiplayer game, a single controller isn’t enough. For such cases, you can get Sony’s Dual Shock Controller. This PS4 wireless controller features a light bar with colored LEDs that light up to match the on-screen gameplay. The controller is available on many leading online stores like Amazon and eBay at affordable prices.

Final words

These are some of the best gaming console accessories that you can use with your Xbox or Play station. To enjoy a big-screen experience, you can connect the gaming console to an HD screen using an HDMI to Displayport cable. All these gaming accessories are quite affordable for game lovers, and they must use them to take their gaming to the next level.


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