Things to Check before Choosing a Gaming Headset

So you are at the market to choose a good gaming headset? Then there are a few things you can check before choosing a gaming headset.

In this guide, we will point out those few factors.

A gaming headset is a must for a gamer, as it allows you to get full gaming experience with sound privacy. Not only that, but it also plays a significant factor in increasing your chance of winning a competitive game. So without further waste of time, lets jump straight to the point.

2. Sound Quality

The most important thing to check in a headset or headphone is its sound quality, not only for gaming headsets but also for other types of headphones. In general, you should check whether the sound quality in a headset is good enough to satisfy its price. 

I can’t specify a specific type of sound quality for you. It depends upon your need and budget; however, I can tell you which things to check in the sound quality of a headset.

  • The first one is the Sound stage: Check if the sound stage is right because it can help you locate the exact location of your opponent in games by hearing their movements.
  • The second one, details: Check that if a headphone is giving a fair amount of details in Bass, Mids, and Treble.
  • Surround Effect: Surround is almost always a must in a gaming headphone. It can play a significant role in helping you locate your opponents move.

There are many other things that you’ll have; you’ll have to keep in mind before choosing a headphone for you. However, for gaming, these are the most important ones.

3. Build Quality

Then comes in the build quality. Now from build quality, I mean several things, that are Its durability, the material used in making them, and its looks.

3.1 Durability

The durability of a headphone or a headset means that how long can they last with typical daily usage. Not only for gaming headsets but also any other headphone people look for is how much can a headphone stays because that’s an essential factor to keep in mind. 

If a headset can not last at least six months of regular daily use, then that headset is not good. You should check that before buying one.

The material used in making them also plays a significant role in its durability. Most of the headphones or headsets are made up of plastic material on the outside, and most of them are durable as well. Check if the material used on it satisfies your budget.

3.2 Looks

Well, looks do not improve your headset’s performance and that only a personal preference. I don’t go for looks, but you can check that before buying one that whether it will look good with your gaming setup or are you comfortable with that look. It may help in giving you confidence when wearing them.

4. Comfort

One of the most important to look in a headset that you should never compromise on is COMFORT. Yes, comfort. What is the point of getting a gaming headset if you cannot wear them for your long gaming sessions? Exactly.

You must always check the headset’s comfortability before choosing one. You can check it’s weight, the material used for padding on earcups and headband, and it’s size.

Lightweight headsets are preferred by many gamers, as they reduce any stress on your head and ears. Also, the padding on the earcups and headband improves the comfortability of a headset. And last but not least, it’s size, whether it fits your head correctly or not.

5. Surround Sound or Stereo

First of all, what is the difference between surround sound or stereo sound?

Stereo sound headphones can locate the sound coming from either right side or left side, and play sound on the left or right earcup accordingly. While on the Surround sound can identify the sound from any direction (left, right, front, and back), and play the sound on respective earcups in such a manner that the user can locate the direction of sound(left, right, front, and back).

Now, why is that important? The answer is straightforward. It can be of great help to you if you can locate the movements or actions of your opponent in games. It will end up in, you get better gameplay and, ultimately, a good gaming experience.

Mostly in the low-budget headset, I would recommend going with a stereo headset. Most of the low-end headsets claim to give surround sound, but it’s not that good as compared to high-end ones. And it can end up ruining your gaming experience.

You can find good stereo sound and surround sound gaming headphones from here.


6. Microphone

The microphone is also a significant player in making a headset profitable. If you can communicate with your teammates in games clearly without any distortion, then it will increase your team play. Most of the games like DOTA 2, Call of Duty, and CS: GO requires team play to win. And without a good Mic, you are stripping yourself from that capability. Not only that but also noisy audio that your Mic captures can also irritate your teammates. And it can decrease your team’s morale significantly.

7. Connectivity

Connectivity of a headset can change many things. Keeping your budget in mind, check that whether you want a Wireless headset or a wired headset. And it depends upon your preference and budget. 

For Wireless headsets, they give more portability to the user because it doesn’t have any wires to limit you. However, It gives reduced sound quality than wired headsets.

And the Wired headsets, limit your movement and portability but gives you maximum quality of sound.

8. Cost

Check your budget first and then look for headsets under that cost. And see if a headset is worthy of that price and does it satisfies its price. The price to quality ratio must be reasonable in a headset.

9. Conclusion

In Conclusion, You should know what things you should look and expect from a gaming headset before buying one, and you must understand what you are spending your money on. Because money is not earned quickly, and it’s your right and responsibility to know where you are spending it. 

Headsets can improve your whole gaming experience significantly if chosen right. Therefore, you should know what and how to examine a headset. I hope this article helps you.


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