Top 10 Tech Giant in the World

In 2017, we saw that the most valuable players in the technology space crossed a figure of $ 3 trillion in market cap as per the data from Google finance. Thus 2017 proved to be the great year for the tech stocks. The biggest of the giant tech companies are the forces behind driving the various indices that are setting records in the marketplace.

Moreover, the advanced technologies like Blockchain Technology and Machine Learning are converging and creating a much smarter planet to live on. The Biotechnology and cryptocurrencies are some of the most advanced technologies – which prove to offer hope for millions of people, all over the world. Self-driving cars have also arrived in the technology space.

In this post, we will highlight on some of the top tech giants in the world, as we progress further into the year 2018. These are the companies that are not only financially sound but operationally successful. Let us the explore “Which are these companies?”.

Which are the top 10 Tech Giants in the World?  

  1. Amazon

.Amazon’s Jeff Bezos has been laying its foundation for the past 20 years. It is the largest internet retailer in the world based on market capitalization and revenue. It started as an online bookstore and later spread its tentacles to the other areas like media, grocery, and smart homes. Amazon is making incredible gains.

  1.  Facebook

Despite the recent data privacy challenges that Facebook, the Menlo Park,

California based tech giant had to face, the company made $ 11.97 billion in the first three months of  2018. This was 49 % higher than the previous year. The daily active users of Facebook has risen to $ 1.45 billion, a 13 % increase from the same quarter in 2017.

However, the company is expecting a lower user base in Europe on account of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). But despite this, Facebook shows no signs of slowing down as it contributes towards long-term sustainability and growth for most of the businesses, which cannot survive without Facebook.

  1.  Microsoft

It happens to be the top tech stock to buy in 2018. Amazon lost its ground to Microsoft as the world’s leading enterprise-cloud provider as its first-quarter cloud revenue grew up to $ 5.44 billion – up by 49 %. Azure, it’s cloud platform is doubling revenue in each year. The Cloud business of Microsoft is growing at a rapid pace.

  1.  Apple  

Apple has reported it’s second-quarter revenue of $ 61.1 billion in 2018 and sales of $ 52.2 million iPhones. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple has reported a strong growth in services, iPhone, and wearables. The company has grown in all geographic segments, with 20 % growth in Japan and Greater China.

  1.  Cisco

  In 2018, the second-quarter revenue of Cisco has risen to $ 11.89 billion. The company has adopted a subscription-based software payment structure. It has also introduced CISCO ONE software bundles. The company has beaten expectations since Chuck Robbins took over as the CEO.

  1. Alphabet

Google started operating under the parent company called Alphabet in 2015. Alphabet owns all the side projects of Google such as high-speed internet provider Fiber, Google Smart home project Nest and Google Venture that invests in startups as well as the life-extension company called Calico.

  1. Tesla

There are no chances of Tesla slowing down in the recent times and this is true because of the advent of Roadstar, Electric Semi-truck, and solar panel Manufacturing as well as Model 3. Elon Musk dreams of offering electric cars at affordable prices in the recent future for the average consumers. In 2018, Tesla has a revenue of $ 3.4 billion.

  1.  Snap. Inc.

Snap is a camera company and has its flagship product as Snapchat, which is a camera application that helps to communicate with others through images and short videos called Snap. It is a company that has become an attractive acquisition target for the larger organizations.

  1. Weibo Corp

Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce giant owns 30 % of Weibo Corp, the Chinese social network site. However, it remains undervalued and must have the higher valuation as per the accelerated growth of the Chinese economy.

  1. Cryptocurrencies

The cryptocurrencies need to be watched in 2018. Bitcoin has larger market cap than some of the largest companies in the world and currencies like Ethereum are not lagging behind. The companies are no longer raising funds from VCs but are built on Ethereum platform and are looking for Initial Coin Offerings (ICO).


We conclude to say that as per Thomson Reuters, the top technology companies in the world are unveiled by adopting a holistic assessment with a 28-point data algorithm, so as to identify a list of companies, that too in the context of today’s complex business environment.


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