Top 11 countries with the fastest internet services

Having a secure and high-speed internet connection is now a prerequisite for millions of people. Whether to use for social media, home or working – nowadays the internet is mandatory without which we are unable to run the business.

With only a few clicks, we are able to share, upload, and send the information to the recipient. However, if you have a slow internet connection, then it seems to be a forever in sending, receiving, or downloading the data.

The average internet speed in the world s 7.2 Mbps that stands for Megabits per second. Wondering which are the countries that provide the fastest internet services? Well, in this blog, we have mentioned down the top 11 countries that provide robust internet connectivity. To find out more, keep scrolling!

1. South Korea – 29 Mbps

According to the statistics, the fastest internet in the whole world is in South Korea. Isn’t that amazing? 29 Mbps is an average speed in South Korea that is equal to the 4.6 times quicker than the average speed of internet in the world. The country offers the strongest connectivity to the citizens with the help of VDSL and ADSL technology. It all started back in 2005 to be among the top 11 countries in the world offering the fastest internet service. Forty percent of the population has the connectivity of 25 Mbps or more that is like 12 percent of the worldwide community. 

2. Norway – 23.5 Mbps

The second position to acquire in the race of fastest internet service in Norway. In comparison to last year, Norway had 21 Mbps speed that has increased to 23.5 Mbps. At this speed, one can download and upload five high-quality and HD photos within seconds. Norway has been on the list of top internet service provides for the last five years. It has also been known for its high lifestyle.

3. Sweden – 22.5 Mbps

When it comes to the internet speed, Sweden stands third position offering 22.5 Mbps speed. The average speed last year was 20.6 Mbps that has now increased to the current speed. With the usage of fibre optics and broadband capabilities, the economically stable Sweden is on its path of becoming number one in the world to provide the fastest internet service.

4. Hong Kong – 21.9 Mbps

In 2013, Hong Kong proved to touch the speed of 60 Mbps. As of now, the current internet speed is 21.9 Mbps. Even though the bandwidth capability of Hong Kong isn’t much dependable, it’s been on the list for many consecutive years.

Apart from that, it is one of many countries that have tightest restrictions on internet usage and social media. Though, gradually it is diminishing.

5. Switzerland – 21.7 Mbps

One of the most developed technology manufacturers and financial services, Switzerland is a country in Europe with 21.7 Mbps internet speed. Initially, it had 18.7 Mbps that is considerable in terms of competition. Among all the European countries, the broadband connection is effortlessly accessible for 99 percent of the population.

6. Finland – 20.5 Mbps

Finland is a country best entrepreneurship and enhanced quality of life. It’s also an international leader in education and press freedom. The internet speed in Finland is 20.5 Mbps. Earlier according to the stats; the speed augmented 15 percent in 2016.

7. Singapore – 20.3 Mbps

Singapore is known as island city-state that offers 20.3 Mbps connectivity speed to the netizens. It is also the country that has been successfully maintained the position and improvised the speed. During the time frame of 2016, Singapore has 23 percent faster speed in comparison with now.

8. Japan – 20.2 Mbps

Japan is the supremely talented country that gives tech solutions to the world. Hence, no doubt that stands in the eighth position among the countries in the world. It provides 20.2 Mbps speed internet to the people. Japan is known for its cultural influence and power of technology. It keeps updated with the latest innovations and promotes it with the social media marketing through the internet. Japan boosted the internet pace by 11 percent in 2016. A fun fact, it is one of many countries that are working on 100 Gbps, i.e. Gigabits per second.

9. Denmark – 20.1 Mbps

Denmark has the population of 5.6 million or more rendering 20.1 Mbps. Though, there has been decreasing in the past few years; it attained the position with the raising of 17 percent.

10. United States of America – 18.7 Mbps

During the first quarter of 2017, the speed in the United States was 18.7 Mbps that enhanced up to 22 percent year by year. Washington DC has the highest speed of internet followed by Delaware and Massachusetts.

11. The Netherlands – 17.4 Mbps

For mobile broadband, The Netherlands gives you 15 Mbps speed. It’s the most populated nation in Europe. Besides the government makes an effort in controlling child pornography, cyber criminals, and of course copyright infringements.

The higher speed internet access you have, the faster you are able to accomplish work. Having the fastest speed is one of the significant demands among the population in the world. It’s interesting to see how countries are making efforts to give comfort to the netizens.


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