Top 5 Best Crosley Record Player

Being a fan of vintage record players, there is no doubt you would want only the best. You can always end up with the best record players if you know which as the best brands. Crosley is one of the top brands you can rely on today for the best products at all times. Below at the top best Crosley record player reviews

  1. Crosley CR8005D-TU Cruiser Deluxe Portable 3-Speed Turntable with Bluetooth

The briefcase styling is one thing that will always get people talking about a turntable record player. The best part with this styling, it helps you easily carry the record player around as it if was a briefcase for going to work. The overall weight is less so that you can easily use the player anywhere you want to go. The briefcases come in different colors so that you can choose the one you feel is great.

There is the Bluetooth capability you can use for connecting the other devices such as a smartphone for playing more music. The built in speakers help with making sure you can play the music without connecting the external speakers.

  1. Crosley CR704C-PA Musician Turntable with Radio

This model comes with an impressive exterior cabinet that will make you feel like getting one for yourself right away. The vintage inspired look makes it quite likeable among many users looking for such a great model to listen to their music collection. The manufacturer has also managed to combine the vintage look with the modern styling and functionalities. You can now have it working great all the time with the various additional features such as a radio, CD player, cassette deck, 3-speed turntable. It is still an easy model to use all the time if you have to play your favorite jams.

  1. Crosley CR6019A-BK Executive Portable USB Turntable with Software

As much as it is designed to reflect the styling of the yesteryears, it still comes with some new features important to anyone looking to use the model more often. One thing that stands out should be its ability to help you convert your vinyl records to digital files. You will simply plug in the USB cable and connect to your PC to start the recording. The best part is that the software provided will work easily on PC or Mac. You still get multiple outputs available when looking to connect the model to the various external devices for more sound or more music play ability.

  1. Crosley CR6233A-RE Dansette Bermuda Portable Turntable

This is one of the top best turntable under $300 thanks to its design and other features. The model will give you the satisfaction of using a top model turntable at all times. One thing unique about it should be the fact that it can easily be held up in its position by using the stand legs that come with it. The turntable on overall is quite portable thanks to the hard case and integrated speakers. You will easily use it anywhere because of such portability.

The vintage look of the model will surely make more people want to use it more often. Most people who have used such old record players would love to have one model added to their collection.

  1. Crosley CR623A-BR Nomad Portable USB Turntable

You can always have something to keep you company in terms of the best music by choosing this great portable turntable. The briefcase design without a doubt makes it to be one of the best ways to move around with the turntable. The nomad is still USB enable so that you can easily start recording the music as it plays. The supplied software is quite easy to use so that the recording part does not end up being so hard to do. The smartphones can still be connected for more music by using the auxiliary input port.


The Crosley brand on overall is among the top brands you can expect to deliver the right type of record players. With such knowledge, it means that choosing one of the record players mentioned above is that you end up with the best product. The model should be able to meet your music needs easily.


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