Top 5 Wearable Gadgets that Track your Health Every Time

Issues regarding our personal health and fitness have become topmost in the rating list. We have to ensure that our health is at par all the time without checking in with the doctor each minute we feel that our systems are letting us down. The devices measure and assess different areas and parts of our bodies for anomalies which have made it a necessity to have a health monitoring devices with us. There are many top-rated wearable gadgets that track our health. Here are the top 5 wearable health gadgets today.

  1. The Garmin Vivosmart HR and HR+

This is a watch that is to die for. In fact, a new feature has been added on these watches that includes optical technology. It gives you timely updates on your heart rate at all times. It is valued for its timely and smart notifications and its heart rate monitoring ability for 24 hours a day. This means that you get to wear it everywhere and anywhere. It is waterproof; you can have a shower and a swim while wearing it. It is not heavy; one does not feel its weight. It is designed to track your steps at all times. The vibrating motor within the watch, however, is a limitation due to the irritation caused.

  1. The Jawbone UP2

‘We are not the same’ this is a verdict that the psychologists have been telling us. Therefore your preferences in regards to wearable health gadgets and mine will be totally different. However, the Jawbone is known and preferred due to its simplicity. If you are looking for a complex wearable healthy gadget, then this one is not for you.

It runs on software that is friendly to use, provides timely and accurate data i.e. it fulfills all the basic needs of a wearable health gadget. The gadget monitors your sleep, tracks your steps and can also be used to set a smart alarm.

  1. The Misfit Shine 2

The beauty of a gadget is said to lie in the eyes of the beholder. Well, truth be told, I did fall in love with this gadget. Its appearance and functioning are incomparable to any other. It offers vibration alerts to your goals of the day, smart notifications, etc. it can monitor your sleep, track your steps and it is also waterproof making it suitable for use during swimming. The accuracy level of the data provided by this gadget and the level of battery life, however, is the real deal. If reliability and accuracy of health data provided to you are one of your preferences, then this is the gadget of your life.

  1. The Fitbit Blaze

Wearable health gadgets also include fitness trackers that can be used to determine one’s fitness levels. It runs on software that is easy for new beginners to use, offers and meets all of the tracking requirements of a fitness tracker.

The gadget monitors your sleep, heart rate and tracks your steps. It, however, lacks a GPS system making it difficult to trace the distance run or the pace used. It is suitable if you intend on carrying out intensive training. This is because it is designed to monitor heart rates of people carrying out intensive training and pushing their bodies to the extremes. If you are one of them, this gadget will suit you perfectly.

  1. Fitbit Charge HR

Are you a heart patient or are you worried that the functioning of your heart is sometimes not as supposed to be? Well, put your worries aside. This is because the automatic Fitbit Charge HR wearable health gadget has provided the answer you may just be looking for. The gadget monitors your heart every second. It offers the best and accurate feedback or data in regards to the functions of your heart. It keeps track of the calories and steps taken to burn.

It monitors your sleep, heart rate, and tracks heart rate when you are sleeping. It comes with a stopwatch for use during training sessions, a screen that indicates your daily routine, identifies callers from your phone, and the software that runs on it is suitable for new beginners. It, however, lacks other smart notifications in comparison to other gadgets. If concerned with the fitness of your heart then it is advisable to obtain the Fitbit Charge HR gadget for assistance.


Wearable health gadgets can be able to trace and record our heart rates during an activity while sleeping or resting. It is however not easy to know the best wearable gadget for you to use thus advisable to consult and compare different brands. Before purchasing a health gadget, know your health needs; the health gadgets are different, and they offer different services to the users.


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