Top 7 games played on mobile for all time

The only industry in the world that has never witnessed a slowdown since its inception is gaming. Everyone loves gaming and it is no more limited to kids only. Gone are those days when you used to see kids busy in the game parlor. Now in the modern era, from old aged people to young females, everyone loves playing games. But with time and technological evolution, games have also evolved. From simple 2d Mario games to the world of VR gaming, we have come a long way in the gaming journey. And currently, mobile games have also become the buzz of the gaming world.

Games have been part of mobile right from the beginning. You must have memories of playing the legendary snake game on the black and white mobile. But a couple of decades ago, games on mobile was only as popular as calculators in mobile. They were just a part of the mobile features but now, there is the whole market of mobile gaming and developers and mobile gaming companies are earning in billions. As mobile phones become more advanced, mobile games also become advanced. Now, you have a wide variety of gaming options on the mobile platform and some of them are so advance that they can be compared to the desktop games.

So, if you are a mobile gaming buff and want to know what’s trending in the market then you have come to the right place. In this blog post, we are going to discuss the top 7 games played on mobile.

  1. PUBG


When anyone talks about modern mobile gaming then the first game that pops up in the mind of any mobile gaming lover is PUBG. You should know that PUBG has become a leader in the multiplayer mobile gaming industry and it is also the pioneer of the battle royal games on the mobile platform. In this game, you jump on an island with 100 other people and the only way to win the game is to survive till last. You will have to collect guns, healings, helmets, and jackets during the game and you will have to use them for attack and defense. You can add your friend in this game and play along with them as a group of 4 team members. Currently, there are four maps available in the PUBG mobile game; Erangel, Sanhok, Miramar and Vikendi.

  1. Subway Surfer


Well, based on the iconic game Temple Run, Subway surfer took the concept of the free-running game to a new level. There is no doubt in the fact that free running games like Temple Run was the pioneer in this category but Subway Surfer allowed people to experience the free-running game in the best form. There was a time when Subway Surfer became an inseparable part of each and every mobile phone and even currently, it has a very big market share in the gaming world. 

  1. Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go

When we talk about bringing a revolution in the mobile gaming world then how can we forget Pokemon Go. While everybody was busy playing those simple mobile games, Pokemon Go allowed people to include the surroundings while playing the game. The revolutionary Pokemon Go used the maps and allowed you to see where the Pokemons are located in your city. You will actually have to book a cab, take your car, or walk to that place in order to catch that Pokemon.

  1. Alto adventure

Alto adventure

Snowboarding at a very high speed has never been so entertaining and relaxing as it is in the very famous and popular Alto adventure game. The very simple one-touch controls allow you to guide Alto through the tricky mountain while doing stunts, jumps and many other things. If you are looking for a simple game with full entertainment and relaxation then you should download Alto adventure without any doubt. 

  1. Candy Crush


Some people might call it the game of the girls but you should know that the number of men that have downloaded this iconic game is almost equal to the number of women. Based on the legendary game of Tetris, this unique and engaging game can keep you busy for several hours and there are so many stages and levels to cross, that you will never get bored of this popular game.

  1. Shadowgun legends

Shadowgun legends

If you want to experience console gaming on your mobile then you should definitely go with the amazing Shadowgun legends game. This unique first-person shooter game is one of the best in this category on the mobile platform. From hitting up shops in order to buy weapons to go for a gamble in order to get more in-game currency, there are many things that you can do in this game.

  1. Battlelands


If you are looking forward to getting your battle royal gaming fixed without dealing with all the complexities then the popular Battlelands game will be perfect for you. Just choose the drop point on the island and then parachute to find new weapons and guns. If you want more advanced weapons then you will need to chase down weapon drops. You can even get rocket launchers in the weapon crates.

All the mobile games listed in this blog post have been chosen on the basis of popularity and number of downloads. If you are looking for the most trending mobile games then you should check this list for sure.

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