Top 8 Open Source Audio Players for Linux

Linux is an open source operating system. So usually maximum available software for this platform is open source. Before going into too much detailed discussion let us clarify one thing. Open Source does not necessarily mean to be free of cost. Open Source Application means whose source code are open and users are free to modify and redistribute the product. But generally all open source applications are free. Exactly like other operating systems Linux also comes with default Audio Player. But there are different Linux available in the current market; they are released by various different organizations, so there is no fixed and standard Audio Player to satisfy music lovers.

Before choosing an audio player for Linux system user should think and determine why he/she needs an Audio Player. If someone just wants to play formal sound clip for official purposes, he/she should not select any high featured, heavy weighted media player, because that will waste valuable memory spaces of the Linux System.

In Linux, all installed software applications are placed inside the home directory, and that may create a problem for future installation. But if someone want to have a multipurpose media player that can play different media files, then choosing a featured media player will be a wise decision. There are many websites available for downloading the software package needed for Linux Platforms. Some of the packages are available in self-extractor like debian format, some of them are in *.tar.gz or other zipped format. To install those zipped open source application user should know how to install them using Linux Console.

Top 8 Audio Players for Linux Environment

  1. Rhythmbox:

Rhythmbox is one of the most popular Audio Player for Linux. It is mainly inspired by Apple’s iTunes. It supports many useful features like Podcasting, Playlist Management, Online Lyrics, detailed info about the currently playing sound track etc. It is equipped with many useful plug-in that increases its compatibility with various kinds of audio files.

  1. Clementine:

This audio player is inspired from Amarok. Clementine is available for many operating systems. It supports many use friendly features. It can dynamically display the lyrics of the current playing songs. It supports music library features, where user can add their favorite music under different categories. It supports a wide range of file formats that make thing easy for the newbie users.

  1. Listen:

This audio player is preferable by many users around the globe for its simple and user-friendly nature. It has an interactive media library where user can download or add music or audio file from their own storage media. It supports: *.mp3, *.wav, real media files, *.wma, *.flac etc. It also searches for available lyrics for the playing media, and if available it shows lyrics while playing the file.

  1. aTunes:

aTunes is another famous Audio Player for Linux Platform. Its main speciality is its various available music settings. It has a good and working media manager for Linux. The main feature of this media player is its powerful media editing option. This option allows the user to change, mix or modify the media file on their own choice, and they can save those settings using this media player. It also supports a wide range of file formats for playing and editing.

  1. Banshee:

This is one of the most popular and widely used media players in Linux. This player not only can play Audio file, but also video files. It supports a large range of file extension. It is available in the default package of many Linux Operating Systems like Ubuntu, Fedora etc. This is one of the most popular open source media players. User can also customize this player with their own specifications.

  1. JaJuk:

This audio player is famous for its wonderful media library. This media library allows the user to manage and store their media file in an organized manner. User can categories their media file according to the genre of the media. This media player also supports other online features like info, lyrics etc. This media player is available not only for Linux Platform, but also for Windows and Mac. Open source characteristics helps advance users to modify and recompile the player according to their own specification.

  1. Quod Libet:

Quod Libet media player is developed using one of the most useful and powerful language Python. It has some unique features other than usual audio player for Linux. Its music library is extremely useful and advance. Whenever a new file is added to the storage media, media library updates itself automatically and according to their tag it categorized the file in the media manger. It also allows the user to modify and customize the file tags. It supports almost every popular file extension for media files.

  1. Exaile:

This media player is written in Python like many open source applications for Linux. And the powerful Python made this media player an extremely powerful and useful at the same time. It supports almost every feature that a media player should have. It is equipped with a very user friendly and effective media management section. It can search and display the lyrics of any playing media. It also has a very attractive user interface. User can change its skin according to their choice. As this is open source, user can also download and rewrite its code and redistribute it without any obligation.

In Linux Platform, all software is remarkably easy to use, but the user should know the proper procedure to use them. Almost every player supports plugin attachment. So initially if any player does not support any specific file type, there is always a chance to upgrade its plugin library. Almost every player supports some basic needs like Media Manager, Lyric Library etc. It is just some external features that differentiate them from one another. So, choosing right player is not particularly tough if the user knows his/her requirement priorities. And as they are open source there is always liberty for the advance users to modify the player to suit their need. And that is the main magic of Linux and Open Source Applications.

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