Top 9 Fastest and Safest Web Browsers For Smartphone

Internet browsing has certainly changed the way we browse for varied things. So, whether you are a geek or a regular user, having a good browser is a must. If you have recently purchased a new smartphone and you are looking for the best web browser for your smartphone, then the following list will surely come handy in making a smart choice.

 Google Chrome

Topping the list is Google Chrome. It is one of the popular smartphone browsers and it is one of the fastest web browsers as well. It comes with the same performance and minimalist styling seen on the desktop version. Chrome supports tab syncing, voice search, bookmark syncing, translate, incognito browsing. It also comes with an inbuilt flash player, so you don’t need to download extra flash plugins to watch your favourite videos.

UC Browser

Grabbing the second position, UC Browser scores with its user-friendly UI and with a wide variety of features. This browser is known to be the fastest and currently, the app is being used by around 400 million users. If you are looking for a browser with fast downloading speeds, then you need to have UC Browser. You also have the option of customising the theme of the browser, you can switch to the night mode during the night time, making surfing less stressful. Some of the key features of the browser comprise of – incognito mode, flash supported, easy & smooth browsing, and high-speed download.

Mozilla Firefox

firefox-best-browser-2017Offering a solid performance, Mozilla Firefox is at the third position. It is a major name when it comes to personal computers, but it also has a mobile app. With the help of positive user reviews and regular updates, this app has become a major success amongst the mobile users. Its wide variety of features includes – well-organised browser, sync option, flash supported, private browsing, predictive search bar, a wide variety of add-ons.


At fourth position, Opera is a strong contender that easily gives competition to Firefox and Chrome. If you like long hour surfing, then with its tabbed style and faster browsing, you will enjoy surfing the web. Following the recent updates, Adblocker comes by default with Opera. In order to enjoy faster browsing, make sure you have disabled it. The browser’s data saving feature makes it unique as compared to other browsers. What is more interesting is that the browser also compresses the videos when viewing on mobile. Key features of Opera are – gesture controls, private browsing, cross-device sync, and clutter-free user experience.


There is no doubt that this is one of the fastest browsers for your smartphone. The browser comes with a wide variety of features and tools including HTML5 video player, fast downloading speed, sidebars, AdBlock, flash player, sonar, themes, sidebars, Tab bar etc. It certainly does a great job when it comes to transferring preferences between the devices and sharing content.

Puffin Browser

Puffin-Web-BrowserIt is an interesting browser, not only it is fast but you get various customising features as well. There is support for Adobe Flash, allowing you to consume Flash media and games on some of the leading websites. Trackpads and virtual gamepads allow for varied controls and mouse-pointer style navigation of websites. Another attractive feature of Puffin Browser is that you can download files straight to the cloud service of your choice, helping you save bandwidth. You can use more customisability with the add-on support.

Mercury Browser

Mercury is a browser based on Webkit Engine. With its simple interface, it is quite popular amongst the smartphone users. The browser comes with an inbuilt file manager helping you to explore the downloaded files. Mobile browsing is made much easier with its wide variety of features including – adblocker, private mode browsing, customisable search bar, and gesture controls. You also get to enjoy various other features such as reading list, day/night mode, user agent switcher, and privacy browsing.


The advanced algorithm of the browser tracks numerous scripts of various websites and also store them in its database, this way you don’t need to worry about your data getting tracked. You can also use the web anonymously without much thinking about privacy. Above all, the browser experience is also significantly fast. Some of its neat features include – tabbed browsing, ad blocking, a pop-up blocker, form auto-complete, and customization default search engines.

CM Browser

Three key features – super fast speed, AV-Test verified security, and lightweight makes CM Browser one of the safest browsers for a smartphone. The user interface is just stunning and this one key element is enough to use this browser over others. With the help of gesture control, you can easily visit your favorite websites with a single click. The browser has Card Tabs; this means you have the convenience of accessing more websites at a simultaneous pace.

Wrap up

Hope the above-mentioned web browsers will end your search for the fastest and safest web browser for your smartphone.


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