Top Cell Phone App Trends of the Near Future

It seems like everywhere you go, people are glued to their phones and devices. Whether they are texting, streaming movies, or checking their social media, society is full of people interacting with their phones. Marketers and businesses are fueling this phenomenon by creating more apps to keep users focused on their screens, and these apps are always changing and evolving to keep users’ attention. Here are some top cellphone app trends of the near future that will keep people on their phones.

More Accessories Will Be Necessary



Although it’s not uncommon for accessories to be relevant for computers and gaming systems, smartphone apps may start incorporating accessories to enhance their experience as well. People already use noise-canceling headphones to enjoy the music they stream, but other accessories like virtual reality headsets will become necessary, since it’s becoming impossible to merge all the opportunities of these apps without added accessories.

Apps Will Control Everything

Pretty soon you will have a few apps that will control many of the aspects of your life. This trend has already started, but it will continue to build, and the more the technology grows and becomes mainstream, the more accessible and affordable it will be. Appliance makers and automakers are now incorporating Bluetooth and wireless functions so that you can control your air conditioners, cars, and security systems through your phone. The phenomenon will continue to grow, and users will increasingly enjoy the ability to stay connected to anything and everything straight from their devices.

Apps Can Be More Important Than Websites

People probably never thought that websites could overtake brick and mortar stores, and they now may be surprised to learn that apps can surpass websites in importance. People are using their phones more than computers, and many families have completely replaced the home computer with handheld devices and tablets. Apps are more streamlined and easier to use on handheld devices than websites are, which is why businesses are or should be focusing their strategies in this arena. Although sites are still relevant, the days of their importance versus that of apps may be numbered.

People Will Use Fewer Apps

This may come as a surprise, but with the saturated app market, people want to use fewer apps instead of more. According to a report analyzed by Forbes, people spend almost 90 percent of their time on only five apps on their phones. Businesses who want to stay relevant and at the forefront of their users’ minds will need to expand their current apps to do more. Companies like Facebook have used this concept to their advantage by incorporating messaging and search options to keep people in their apps as much as possible.

Businesses Will Use More Technology for Marketing

Developers are studying new technologies such as virtual reality and using it to develop new and exciting games for people to download. What may be more unexpected is that big brands are incorporating new technologies into their apps to broaden their marketing strategies. While it used to be rare for retailers and other companies to have apps, now all big brands have them, and they work with the latest technologies to bring consumers in.

Augmented Reality and Other Advanced Technologies Will Expand

When Pokémon Go first came out, it was all over the news. While apps like Angry Birds and Candy Crush were also overnight sensations in their times, Pokémon Go is a little different. Thousands of people are flocking to places like Central Park and are walking around staring at their devices, such as the LG G5. The G5’s large, high-contrast screen with Daylight mode makes it perfect for this type of play. With the success of Pokémon Go, augmented reality, where parts of the real world are incorporated into games and activities, will likely be used more in upcoming apps, and they will become more refined and advanced as the technology grows.

Marketers and businesses are focusing on apps, because that’s where they find their markets. People are using fewer computers and more mobile devices to access the internet and to stay connected. It’s no surprise, then, that developers, programmers, and computer scientists are focusing their energies on apps and the mobile world to feed the growing trend.

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