Top Five Flappy Bird Tips and Tricks

Flappy bird is one of the leading games of smart phones and there are millions of people playing this game. Every player wants to have higher score in this game. There are many people, who play only Flappy bird for doing time pass and creating the highest score among their friends. If you are also one of those people and want to get higher score in Flappy bird game, then check Flappy bird tips and tricks given below. Flappy bird was not marketed by the introducers of the game. People have played it and they have enjoyed it and thus it has become famous. Today it is a leading android and iOS game, which should be played in given way.

Play with a calm mind:

Flappy Bird is one of the most entertaining games, but it is quite dangerous for your smart phone. Do you have habit of getting irritated, while you get failed again and again? If yes, then you should first feel relaxed and think about taking care of your smart phone. Sometimes people tap quite hardly on their smart phone’s screen. It simply creates chances of damaging the smart phone’s screen. In this Flappy bird tips and tricks first thing you should remember is to keep calm and play properly.

Tap light but quick:

This game can harm your smart phone’s screen so that you must take care of tapping. You need to fly the bird through the pipes carefully so that it won’t touch the pipes and get through all the barriers effectively. Your tapping speed must be good for passing every barrier. Sometimes you might feel stuffy, but get concentrated on the game and pay full attention. A little lack in the concentration can cause you the repeating the whole step again. You can create a big score, if your tapping speed is good.

Big screen is better:

It is important to play Flappy bird game on big screen’s device. Screen’s size matters because it offers you better space to tap and watch the barriers effectively. Suppose you are playing on a small screen’s device, you will find difficulties in tapping and watching the bird. Many Flappy bird tips and tricks show this tip because every expert is agreed to play this game on large screen’s smart phone. If you play it on the tab, then it is great. You can easily cross difficult levels and get higher scores.

Maintain a good rhythm:

Rhythm is the key of success in Flappy bird game. If you will play in full rhythm, the game will go on in a much better way. Each pipe is at the same distance and you can observe it, while you play the game.

Flap higher to pass every narrow gap:

Narrow gaps in Flappy bird game create problems for the gamers. Well, you can flap the bird high in the sky and easily pass the narrow gaps, while bird will go down.

If you will follow above mentioned Flappy bird tips and tricks, you can surely get highest score in the game and go further for another higher score.


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