Top funny and always entertaining games to play with friends

Funny games are really a great way to bring all friends together and just have full of fun and enjoyment. Such games make friends gang more entertaining with lots of pleasurable and unforgettable moments. Here are popular funny and very interesting games listed especially to play with friends.

Mr. Postman:

It is one of the very good fun games to play with friends. Similar to the usual musical chairs, this Mr. Postman game is also a great icebreaker. It provides a chance to get to recognize each other. Setup a round of chairs and one for each. The middle postman calls delivery and can change delivery topic at anytime.

Catch and Catch Phrase:

This is a very famous game to play especially with the friends. When they have a party, everyone would like to enjoy this game. Have a two teams and each write needs to write a catch phrase in a paper. Opposite team has to find that phrase within a particular time limit.

Keep track of the pat:

It is actually a belly buster game which is so hilarious and interactive for every player. The friends’ gang has to go around the circle and patting each hand once. At the same time, there can be a double pat switching direction. If anyone accidently raises and pats their hand to pat, it is not their turn and hand is out.

Honest or not:

This game will get every member thinking and wondering about their friends. Honest or not game is in fact a card based game. Two cards say honest and one card says not. The players have to put all these three cards in front of three people. According to their picked card, they need to answer the question honestly or not.

Capture the flag:

Even though it is one of the classic fun games to play with friends, most of the friends are still playing it. They have to form two teams with the equal area. Each team has a flag to hide and at least one inch of the flag should be visible. The opposite team need to capture this flag.

Trivia pop:

According to the current pop culture, it is a new type of game with lots of funny activities. The players can set up two or four teams to ask fun questions about celebrities, movies, music, TV, and more.

A.B.C. Go:

It is a classic word finding game but really creative and make all players to think. Each team has a same sized bag and starts with a letter like “A” with the time limit. When the buzzer rings, the team with more items will win. A main rule is that the items should not be used for multiple letters.

Dare to Spin:

In this game, there is a bowl filled with the dares written by each person in the friends’ party. One bottle or ball is spinning around the players. When the spinning bottle reaches one person, he or she has to pick one dare and do what is there in that dare.


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