Top Security Measures All Businesses Need to Have in Place

As a small business, how seriously do you take your online or offline security? In our modern world, cyber security is becoming another threat to the existence and operations of many businesses. In fact, we can liken cyber threats to what modern terrorism is to the physical world. However, the presence of security threats around your business should not lead you to despair and let you surrender your business to the bad boys. The reason is that you have many solutions at your disposal to keep you safe from cyber security threats. In this post, we shall discuss practical measures you can take to protect your business.

Use complex passwords

Passwords are the first layer of defense you need to protect your business. You have to use complex passwords to keep your online and offline activities safe. Moreover, you should ensure that only authorized users access business computers and other smart devices such as smartphones and tablets. In addition, you ought to make your passwords as complex as possible by mixing numbers and letters—both small and capital. This way, it will be difficult for an intruder to guess the passwords. Additionally, it is needful to keep updating the passwords regularly to enhance their security.

Software updates

Updating your software is another way of enhancing your security. The reason is that your software vendor usually updates the programs to enhance their ability to deal with current attacks. If you follow suit, you will be in a better position to enjoy the new levels of security that come with the updates.

Install an SSL certificate

Installing an SSL Certificate is another way of securing yourself and users when transacting on the Net. An SSL cert will help in the encryption of the information that is exchanged between your servers and the browsers your visitors use to access your website. This way, both your users and you will enjoy safety against online attackers who may wish to hack into your system and steal sensitive company and user information.

Involve your employees

No matter how good your measures and policies are, they will not yield much fruit if you don’t involve your workers. The reason is that they are the ones who will be using the entire security system. Therefore, it is essential to educate them regarding the importance of your company security measures and policies.


Beware of suspect emails

When you receive strange emails in your inbox, you should treat them with the suspicion they deserve. If you feel you should open the mail, then be careful not to click on any link in it. The reason is that most of those links are spyware or viruses sent to corrupt and compromise your system.

Antivirus and anti-malware

Another measure that will keep your business safe is installing antivirus and anti-malware. You should install these two to give your business a double hedge of protection. In addition, you should only use paid-for antivirus since most of the free versions are deliberately limited when it comes to fighting viruses and malware that pose higher risks to your business.

Use encryption software

Using encryption software is another way of securing your system against threats. Such a program will ensure that all the details you exchange in your system remain coded and safe.

Be careful how you access sensitive information

To secure your system, it is prudent to put measures in place to control how people access sensitive information in the business. In this case, you have to set boundaries that determine and limit who should access certain level of information. For instance, you can set a limit to allow access to sensitive information to the CEO and other few trusted employees. This way, you will instill a culture of accountability.

Conduct regular backup

Another way of keeping your data safe is performing regular backup of your data either to an external hard disk or cloud. To make it easy, you can schedule automatic backups to keep your information safe. This way, you will always have your information with you whenever calamity strikes.

Secure your Wi-Fi network

You need to secure your WIFI network against hackers. You can do this by changing the name of your wireless access point or router. You need to use a complex Pre-shared Key password to enhance the security of your system.

Security is a major concern for every small business that wants to grow to the next level. The reason is that a compromised online and offline security system can lead to the loss of sensitive information and money. However, you can take the lead and be on the proactive end by taking some steps for your online protection and incorporating the ideas we have shared in this post.


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