Ultimate Future on VR Technology

Now it has not been so difficult to dive or climb the highest mountain in the world. Everything is possible now if you are wearing the VR headsets. You can also call it VR glasses that take you to a virtual world. Whatever you see and feel there, it seems quite real and it can scare you, amaze you and also take you to another world. We are witnessing the beginning of a new era, where virtual reality will become another way of living the life and seeing the world through an impressive headset.

There are many companies, which have developed impressive VR headsets. Those companies have introduced VR glasses that not only give you 3D look of the virtual world, but also make you feel that you are living there. The Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are the pioneering VR Headsets, but it is not the end. Still the cost of virtual reality headsets is not affordable for all. A large number of people across the world can’t invest $800-$1000 in VR glasses. The researchers are also worried about it and that’s why they are working to make it better and affordable.

It is still in its initial phase of development:

The virtual reality technology was not evolved only for the gamers. Of-course, people are ready to invest hundreds of dollars for video games, but VR technology is not only for that. It can bring many perks to businesses, training institutions and other industries. Certainly, it can reduce the risk of your life and distance between nations. For now, VR Headsets are mostly being used in gaming or for entertainment. The developers are working to improve this technology and reduce its all minor and major issues. We can hop to get more effective and useful VR headsets with the technology in the future.

Where does it lack today?

Before we move to the future of VR Technology and VR Headsets, you must know the drawbacks of present VR headsets. The virtual reality headsets of this age are good, but it can get better and be the best. Of-course, many people have not entered in the amazing world of VR technology till now, but it would not look quite real. The sensors don’t work properly and instantly. You can feel many other things, when you will wear the VR glasses. Of-course, the leading electronic companies are spending hours in improving this technology and soon we will get its results.

How will it become better?

At present, people sit on their chair and use video game controller to control the motions and actions of their video game players. Sometimes sensors don’t respond quickly and players also don’t get feel that they are under the threat. The developers of Oculus Rift say that it will change and the games will become more realistic. You will not just play a video game; you will be a player on the ground. Suppose, you are playing football, the VR technology will take you on the ground and you will virtually kick the ball to hit a goal. Everything will be same and sensors will work more effectively. That’s what you are going to get after a few years. The VR technology can become more physical and that’s what players need today.

Today’s VR headsets offer quality visuals and audio, but we have many other senses to feel and interact with things. Today’s world has seen this technology with only two senses, but soon it will evolve into a completely new thing. Companies are improving the work ability of touch sensors and also other sensors to make it more realistic.

The VR Headsets will be wireless:

Whether you go for buying an affordable VR headset or an expensive VR gadget like Oculus Rift, both connects through wires. You use cords to connect the headset with PC or gaming consol. The VR technology is evolving, but wireless technology is resting nowadays. So, companies should also work to enhance performance of wireless devices so that it can better support the VR devices. Yes, one day you will get wireless VR Headsets but it will take some more years.

The future is bright for VR Technology:

Kingsman “The Secret Service”, this movie was released a few years ago. All the Kingsman in this movie were using some eye-gears to interact with each other virtually in an important meeting. Now we can say that soon business meetings will get organized in that way, if business owners take interest in VR technology. It is just the beginning; the whole evolution is pending in VR technology. So, don’t feel bad if you can’t buy today’s expensive VR headsets. Soon you will get these devices at much affordable prices and also in much better shape. Wait for that day because that day is not so far in future.

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5 thoughts on “Ultimate Future on VR Technology

  • July 25, 2016 at 7:16 am

    Can you suggest online website which sells VR headsets at cheaper cost ???

  • July 20, 2016 at 11:42 am

    what India needs are low-cost VR headsets compatible with low-cost smartphones. Only then will VR use truly explode in India.

    • July 25, 2016 at 11:52 am

      yes VR headset retails for just under INR 2-5k now…

  • July 16, 2016 at 7:52 am

    Yes, After the successful touchscreen era, it is a time for head mounted devices that would create immersive virtual world users. And thus, Virtual Reality headset would be a big part of future. With a vast number of smartphones sales in India, the country could be looking at a phenomenal explode of VR headset sales in near future.


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