Video means the world for some people

In this changing world, the impact of face to face conversation or video calls is unbelievable, especially to those who live alone or feel alone. We can’t make excuses with today’s technology for a video call, at least; the only one thing that is missed is the quality of video calls.

Let’s discuss what things we need to focus on to make this happen.

In today’s crazy connected world, elderly peoples are being missed out. Out of the total old population, some are alone, some feel lonely, and some are in aged Care and are visited once in a month or less. I don’t know why people neglect aging parents?

Studies reveal that social isolation and loneliness cause depressions, poor sleep, BP problems, morbidity, dementia, etc. It’s proved that “Social Isolation is worse than Smoking.”

Here are the 3 things that we need to focus on-

Why Isn’t Phone Call enough?

Our aging parents are like an adult child; they can’t talk too much; they need too much Care. Time by time, they realize their guilt of being a “gran.” And we as a relative call them daily and say that’s enough for you. Isn’t it?

In a study, Dr. Alan Teo (OHSU) showed and confirmed that face to face conversation at least once in a week not only with our aging parents but with our closed ones, whether they are friends or any relative reduces the risk of Social Isolation and halves the risk of depression.

So take out time from your busy life to spend with your aging parents because one day we are going to live the same experience.

Why virtual visits make sense?

When we meet and talk to someone, our voice carries some emotions and feelings. Our visit to them, however, adds non-verbal cues.

Our facial expressions sometimes communicate unspoken words and disclose our inner thoughts. Head tilts, nod, and yawn show our attention and understanding towards the person we are talking. Dirty looks, eyebrows, and smiles express our emotions towards other persons, and the essential Care reveals a sign of good health.

When we meet someone whom we care about, touch is used only for a shorter time. We either do a handshake, kiss, or a hug. When we touch, and oxytocin hormone is released, which makes one feel loved and happy.

So, can a video call have a sound and a voice in it, therefore, replace an in-person visit?

What are the best tools for video calls?

As per the survey, 90% of older people could not use video calling apps due to health issues. And for some tables and phones are too small, hard to hold, unexpected texts, and scary notification sounds.

Video calling apps suffer from many issues as well, like their number of icons, options, and settings that are hard to remember for aging people.

Even many people complain that they don’t do video calls as they don’t hear the voice clearly in that. So here we are with you to solve this issue as well to make you closer to your loved ones.

The Konnekt Videophone App is one of the best video calling app. It is explicitly introduced keeping in mind of older people and those who are suffering from disability and dementia. For this, no computer skills are required and no more menus.

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The Bottom Line

Voice and touch is life for some people. In this busy life, if we cannot meet our loved ones than we should have a video call with them at least once in a week to make them feel happy and live a healthier life.


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