What Is Domain Privacy and Do I Really Need It?

When starting a business, you will probably come into contact with a lot of things you haven’t previously considered. For instance, your business’s safety: have you given cybersecurity enough thought? Think about the data about your operations or your customers’ private information, and you will soon understand its importance.

There is another element to security you might not be aware of – did you know that the details attached to your web hosting domain are publicly available? Of course, they are only available unless you protect them so let’s take a look at the question of domain privacy.

What is domain privacy?

So, how it goes is that, when registering a domain name, you will enter your personal information including name, phone number, and email address. Since the domain name registration can be terminated if you don’t provide these data or if you provide fake ones, so you will have no choice but to enter them.

However, you do have a say in not allowing everyone to see it. This is where domain privacy comes to play as a layer of security that shields your information so the only visible pieces of information are those belonging to your registrar. This service, that is, the domain privacy protection, is offered by web hosting providers for a monthly or a yearly fee. Although this service isn’t mandatory, here are a couple of reasons why your business needs it.

Don’t make it easier for your competition

In the world of business, check out your competition is not considered playing dirty but staying vigilant and proactive. It is good to know what is going on so that you can keep or advance your position in your business niche.

However, some businesses do play dirty and would love nothing more than to get their hands on your business data, plans, strategies, and information that can also be (ab)used in their own strategies. This is why your personal data needs to be protected from the competitors doing market research and that includes protecting your domain privacy. It is one thing to learn from the competition and see them as a reference point but it is an entirely different thing to steal from others.

Domain Privacy and Do I Really Need It

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You owe it to your customers

A lot of the business decisions that you make are made based on the research about the preferences of your audience. Since the success of your business depends on your current and prospective customers, you owe it to them to secure your business as much as you can so that they don’t fall victim to fraud.

Another thing you can do to show appreciation for your customers is to create a unique personalized experience. So, if you are wondering how to personalize your service, the most effective solution lies in choosing a memorable combination made of a distinct name and domain extension. This means that tending to your domain name, extension, and privacy is both a matter of bringing your brand and services closer to your customers and protecting your business data.

It’s about protecting yourself

Although your business is your primary concern, having in mind that you sacrificed and changed many things to get where you are now, it is still not the only thing you should be worrying about security-wise. The simple truth is that, if it weren’t from you, none of it would exist so ensuring your own safety is crucial.

The details related to your web hosting domain also contain your address and phone number and is that something you wish for every person with internet access to know? From prank calls to unwanted calls regarding particular products and services, chances are that at some point you will be bothered in this manner, so it is better to protect your privacy for the sake of your personal peace and safety.

Control spam and junk emails

As a business owner, you receive a lot of emails during the day. Some are sent to you by clients, some by suppliers, and some by your employees asking how to proceed or about important information on something. In general, your daily influx of emails is enough to keep you busy for some time until you sift through the most relevant ones.

You need to be as efficient as possible and you can just imagine the frustration of not being able to find an important email while wandering through a bunch of spam emails. So, junk emails are something that will definitely not help you in this endeavor which is why you need to protect your business and private data.

Final thoughts

When it comes to registering your domain, you are not required to protect your domain privacy to finish the process. Be that as it may when you take into account all of the above-mentioned problems that can occur if you don’t protect it, the answer to the question if you really need domain privacy is quickly formed into a strong ‘yes’.

Although not mandatory, it is key to keeping your business secure and providing you with peace of mind. And these two elements are prerequisites to building a successful business and growing it globally, beyond the state boundaries.

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