What makes PokémonGo more than just a game?

Pokémon is a 20 year old brand designed and introduced by Nintendo. There is no doubt that gaming world is making big business these days. They attract millions of people and gain popularity faster than any other business in this world. PokémonGo is one of those games that was not only downloaded by billions of people but it remained under trends on all social media networks and is still on. It is dominating all social media networks, its huge number of followers is making it one of the topmost games of 2016 and it would not be wrong if we say that it is more than just a game now. PokémonGo had its start on Nintendo’s Game Boy instead of smartphones but the series is no longer exclusive to Nintendo’s hardware, it recently made its debut on android phones and IOS and today because of its huge success, the game has reached the top of the IOS and android app stores.

What Made Pokémon Go a Viral Success?

There are three main components that made Pokémon Go such a huge and viral success, the first thing is the perfect blending of the real and the virtual, the second component is Pokémon culture that has ruled over billions of hearts prior to this game and the last component is geo-location adoption. These three things contribute greatly in the massive success of this game. The most important reason of its growing popularity is that not only those who play this game enthusiastically are talking about it but even those who haven’t even played it once are discussing it too.

Pokémon Go Has Been Declared as the Biggest Game of The USA

Pokémon is certainly the biggest achievement in the history of gaming world and this massive achievement made it the biggest game that has ever been played in the history of the US games. It has been now declared as the biggest game in the US with over 21 million online users daily. The other two top mobile games like Supercell’s Clash Royale and Slitherhave been left in the dirt. The first entry of PokémonGo in the smartphone has been so huge that it caused instability in the server and developers had to pause global rollouts. Pokémon Go was installed on 5.6% of all android devices in the USA during the first two days of its introduction.

The Growing Success and Access of PokémonGo In The world

We have seen the power of augmented reality games, they have the capability of changing the physical world just by adding few components. We have considered the success of Pokémon Go in the USA but Pokémon Go is now getting fame across the world. It has been introduced in UK and Europe and within 12 hours it had millions of users out there. Pokémon Go has been released in 26 European countries up till now. The fever of playing Pokémon Go is now having multiple countries in its hold. It has also been seen that even before the introduction of Pokémon Go in the United Kingdom, approx. 350000 people had already started playing it in their phones by other resources.

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