Why Choosing a Nearby VPN Matters

A VPN connection establishes your connection to a remote server from where the data seems to enter & exit. Your real IP address is masked with a temporary one in order to make you unidentifiable. After connecting to a VPN, you can access websites that are blocked in your country in addition to the privacy that you get. You get all these features without the reduction in your internet connection if you learn to choose the right VPN.

But which one to use?

There are a lot of VPNs available to purchase. How do we know which one is the best? The main thing to look upon is theirs after sales support & honesty. Some providers boast of giving a lot of features, but when you finally purchase it, you realize that there were other great options too. Your data is shared with your VPN provider. The provider maintaining no data logs is generally preferred.

You should know that all the VPNs do not provide the same service. Some provide more protection; some provide more speed whereas some have other cool features. Considering the money they charge & the protection they give you, it matters to check the available regions of the VPN provider.

Choosing your region matters because that will gain you access to all the websites available in that region. The temporary IP address that you’ll be given will be of the region that you choose & you’ll seem to be surfing from that region instead of your home or work. Thus, your web activity remains completely private.

Choosing a nearby VPN is generally recommended because it may benefit you in so many different ways. When you are looking for tickets to Belgium, you can choose your location as Belgium. This way you have a chance to get some discounts on your tickets.

Suppose you live in Belgium but you’re going to a neighboring country for a weekend, but you don’t wanna miss the TV show that you regularly watch but sadly it is not available in other countries. In this kind of cases, choosing a nearby VPN may prove to be of help.

Apart from the shows & flight tickets, there are various other benefits of connecting to a nearby location. The speed of your connection up to some extent depends upon the distance between your device & the remote server. Shorter distance implies faster & efficient connection to the server. Living in Belgium, connecting to the servers in France, Germany, Netherlands or Luxembourg is efficient than any other place in the world.

If the VPN provider has various server locations, it is easier to switch from one location to another in order to get the best possible connection. If you experience heavy traffic on the current network, you can immediately switch to another one easily & enjoy an uninterrupted connection.

When choosing a VPN, a VPN provider which has a higher number of server locations, especially near your region should be preferred over the other providers. This ensures faster speeds, quick & hassle-free connection & better security.

When you connect to a virtual location using a VPN, you should look out whether it is nearby & also if the website you want to access is accessible in that country.

When you pay for something, you should make sure that it offers the right service to you. A VPN that has servers far off from you are almost useless to you because the speed & the protection they provide won’t be satisfactory.

Free VPNs

There are free VPNs available too, but they have their own separate disadvantages. Free VPNs log your data which means that you are not really browsing privately. Secondly, it doesn’t offer as good encryption as the paid ones. Also, they reduce the connection speed to such an extent that you cannot watch videos without buffering.

Thus, the first thing to consider when you plan to get a VPN connection is the regions in which that they offer their service & the reliability of the VPN.

Now that you’re clear about why choosing a nearby VPN is essential, you would want to finally decide the VPN provider for your connection. If you reside in Belgium, VPN providers like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, PureVPN might work great for you.

Finally having explained to you all the details about VPN, Click here I’m sure you’ll be able to get the right one for yourself. Know why you need a VPN & choose the provider that matches all your need. Stay private online & browse hassle-free.


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