Why CISCO certifications will be in demand in 2017?

As CIOs continue to hire new professionals in 2017, the fast changing IT industry will see a shift in desirable jobs and skills. Amid the tumult about hacking, cyber offense, and data thievery, it becomes clear that cyber safety experts will be the most sought after candidates in the job market. Network managers are also expected to be hot favourites this year. Interestingly, both these fields are at the forefront in Cisco’s portfolio.

Cisco has introduced the CCNA Collaboration and the CCNP Collaboration courses. Both of these certifications are components of the Career Certifications for learners. Taking a look at some Cisco certifications that could jump start your IT career, here are five Cisco certifications that will be in demand in 2017:

  1. Cyber Ops:

This is a beginner-level security course that draws attention to performing in safety operations centres. Being the earliest stage into a cyber-security career, the certification focuses largely on dealing with cyber-safety threats.

  1. Security:

This will be huge subject this year and beyond. The most recent news is replete with headlines concerning cyber-safety issues. From Yahoo’s billion account identification disclosure to the hacking of the US political order by Russians, security experts will be busy in the near future.

  1. Data Centre:

Suffice it to say, not just security but, network management would be a hiring priority too. Data Centre certification from Cisco emphasizes on creation, operation, and upholding of networks. The certification is divided into three levels, each of which adds more intricacy and awareness about Cisco networks that enables learners to take their careers forward.

  1. Collaboration:

Network managers are in great demand and the aspiring professionals are expected to know how to administer project-level collaboration tools in addition. The collaboration certification emerges as a unique means to expand your skill set. The focus of the collaboration certification lies on video, voice, and added Cisco collaboration hardware and software. Video and voice are incorporated in the latest Cisco certifications. The courses are anchored in Unified Communications edition 10, while the previous CCNA and CCNP Voice courses were anchored in Unified Communications edition 8 and 9. In order to prepare towards accomplishing the latest CCNA Collaboration and the CCNP Collaboration certifications, fresh collaboration programs are launched.

  1. Routing and Switching:

Network administrators are equally important to the upholding of project infrastructure. Network engineers will be in demand owing to their capability to understand and execute the latest technologies. Cisco’s Routing and switching certification concentrates on mainstay network engineering abilities and is intended for people who are looking forward to working as systems engineers, support engineers, network engineers, or network technicians.

These are the 5 key certifications offered by Cisco that hold great promise for network managers and security professionals. Professionals can add these certifications to their portfolio to enrich and spread out their skill sets. These certifications are expected to fulfil the requirements of IT industry in 2017 and beyond.


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