Why Windows XP is Still Used?

Even after Microsoft ended the official support and updates, Windows XP is still extensively used till date! It is believed that one out of every 4 users, still uses Windows XP. Designed and made to improve the faults and irregularities found in the ME system, windows XP contained some new, stable and easy to use features that its popularity never decreased.

Even launching of the newer operating systems by Microsoft such as windows vista, windows 7, windows 8 and 8.1 did not seem to affect the popularity of windows XP. Now, quite obviously there must be some features and advantages associated with Windows XP that it is so widely used, don’t you think so?

Let’s have a look at some of its features and its advantages over other versions of Windows operating system.

What features of Windows XP added to its popularity?

Windows XP’s interface was so user friendly that everyone loved it. People got so accustomed to the Start menu at the bottom left corner of the screen that in the newer update of windows 8, Start menu was added which wasn’t earlier present in Windows 8!

With this operating system, people experienced better networking and internet functionality. New features such as Firewall, peer to peer networking, IPv6, support for DSL modem, Wi-Fi connections and many more added to its fame. With remote assistance and remote desktop, people could access their applications and files stored in their PC, printers and other devices from the Internet or across a network. The networking aspect of XP was so widely accepted that all of them were included in later versions of Windows with constant updates.

The intuitive interaction of the OS with the user became one of its central facet. The user would now be prompted to insert the correct CD in the drive in case a wrong one was inserted! New installations, software drivers, external storage devices could be automatically detected.

The system saw faster start-ups and application launches including system and driver reliability. Better searching, sorting and grouping options, auto play, file sharing and fast user switching added to its list of features. It had improved imaging and media facilities.

The system could support all types of applications and games. Even today, almost all the new software could run on Windows XP without any problem!


Launched in 2001, this operating system had so many uncountable, useful, and user friendly features that it is still used today. The announcement of end of support for Windows XP by Microsoft doesn’t seem to affect its popularity at all.


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