Why you should choose WordPress for Your Business Website

In current time, WordPress is one of the best open source content management systems. For bloggers and website developers, it is a very powerful tool to implement. The most advanced and convincing features make it a popular and first choice among the most of the designers and developers all around the world.

I know there are many questions in your mind. Like Why I should choose WordPress as there are many other platforms giving amazing features? Why should I switch to WordPress? Isn’t my current site good enough? This is obvious. I wonder only if these questions don’t come in your mind. But by the end of this article, I am sure that you will all of your answers and will be eager to use WordPress for Your Business Website.

Let’s check some of the most advanced and useful features of WordPress:

WordPress is available for FREE

WordPress is an open source platform which is available for free. It means you can download, install, and modify it without paying a penny. When you know an advanced technology will help you to build your website for free and according to your needs and requirements, what will you do? Surely you will take such great advantage. I advise you to try it at least for once.

But stop, are you thinking that a thing which is available for free, always lack good qualities? You are right, but this is not true in every case. For example, Java is available for Android mobiles and most of the banking software absolutely FREE. That’s the true reason for being called as an ‘open source’. You can get service of any website hosting provider to host your site. No hidden charges!

WordPress is Easy to Install, Setup, and Manage

It really doesn’t matter whether you are an expert of an Internet, a pro HTML coder, or using such CMS platform for the first time. You need an Internet connection and a web browser (If you are reading this post, means you have them both), that’s it. You are good to go creating your website by your own.

Go to WordPress.com and register a free account. In about a couple of minutes, you will have your website live on the web. If you want to host your domain here, you need to pay a small additional fee only.

If you want, you can take help of the step-by-step tutorials available for installing and managing your WordPress software. After successful installation and development of your WordPress site, you can easily manage the updates on it. As a Business website owner, you will be surely want to update your site information at regular intervals, like uploading images and videos, updating contents, publishing news, etc. For this, WordPress is a handy and powerful platform. You do not need to rely on a developer for some small changes or updating your site content for often, that’s the big advantage of a WordPress platform.

Easy to Access and Fully Customi-zable

WordPress does not require any special hardware or software to get an access to your WordPress site. You can access it from anywhere, anytime with your PC and an Internet connection.

You can customize your WordPress website the way you want. WordPress provides you a number of pre-built themes for free. These themes will give an attractive look to your website. Also, you can customize the themes by changing the code as you like. You can choose a variety of layouts with different color options, header styles, and other features.

Mobile-Optimized and Search Engine Friendly Website

Day to day we see a drastically increase in smartphone users. Today, more and more people use their smartphones for browsing on web, purchasing items, finding needful information, doing recharges, paying bills, transferring money, etc. For this, they use the resource of website on their mobile, and if your site is not mobile-optimized, then you may lose a big amount of potential traffic. Thankfully, the WordPress gives you mobile-friendly website without paying any additional fee. The responsive website designed in WordPress will fit in any screen size.

A number of SEO related issues are solved in WordPress. It has a simple and clean code which makes it lovable by search engines. The content of a WordPress website is easier for the search engines to crawl and index than the other platforms. You can optimize each post, page, image, and video on your website with its own meta tags. If you want to rank higher in search engine rankings, then the WordPress is a better choice than any other development platform.

Security and other Features

There is no any platform, which is completely vulnerable free and WordPress is also one of them. However, it is safer platform as its core team releases minor updates regularly, to keep its security tight.

You have the full control of your WordPress site. Only you can make changes or update the information of your site with the login details. No chances of losing the site information. You get a plugin for almost every feature you want for WordPress website. The variety of WordPress plugins will help you to add additional functionalities to your website. It’s very easy to download and activate plugin with only a couple of clicks.

For a business website, it is very important to get more and more exposure to the outside world. WordPress lets you easily integrate the social media buttons on your website. You can take help of plugins for that. Social Media Integration will lead a huge potential traffic to your website.

In the End

You may have convinced to use WordPress for your business website and got all your answers, I hope. It’s an amazing platform to design and develop your website. All the above features will surely help you build a strong, secure and attractive business website using WordPress. Go for WordPress now!

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